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How is the Universe Made

Man has pondered and never stepped wandering on how the universe is made . Questions on the origins of the universe remain to be unanswered and regardless of many attempts and explanations , the origin of the universe remains to be among the greatest mysteries of time . The question on how the universe is made has also solicited different and sometimes opposing views . Thus , different opinions on how the universe is made have resulted to debates most especially [banner_entry_middle]

between groups that based their opinions on religious grounds , and those who adhered to the principles of science and the scientific method . Nevertheless , the question is herein attempted to be answered by presenting different views and theories on how the universe is made

There are many speculations and theories on how the universe is made One of the arguments that continue to persist comes from the theists , or those who regard God , or a supreme being , to be the creator of the Universe . Christian theological perspectives based its arguments on the teachings of the Bible wherein the universe is depicted to have been created by a supreme divine power out of nothing . The phenomenon is called the creation and the supreme deity referred to as the creator Creationism , as this belief and view is held , is rooted in the teachings of the Bible , particularly in the first book , the Genesis . According to the book of Genesis , the origin of the universe commenced when in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth (Genesis 1 :1 , NIV The book establishes that there was nothing prior to the creation in that the universe was without form and void (Genesis 1 :2 , thus elucidating the Christian account that God created everything out of nothing . The Christian account tells of a universe made by God by commanding and working

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The contentions on how the universe is made in Biblical and Christian accounts have gathered support from several scientists . In 1972 for example , NASA director Wernher von Braun was asked about his thoughts on the origin of the universe , life and the human race , he answered that the idea of creation is not conceivable without invoking the necessity of design (Seiglie , 2000 ) referring to the existence of a creator Nevertheless , science in general do not acknowledge the contentions of creationism because , as Politzer argued , to admit creation , one has to admit , in the first place , the existence of a moment when the universe did not exist , and that something came out of nothingness . This is something to which science can not accede (Yahya , 2003 . Thus science has it that the universe is made out of other phenomena other than the creation . These phenomena are supported by Discoveries in astronomy and physics which have shown that the universe have a beginning ( Big bang , 2006

One of the most popular and widely accepted theories about how the universe is made is the theory founded on a… [banner_entry_footer]


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