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undertake an analysis of an Industry & Two companies & consider the impact of the internet at the level of business to business (B2B)

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Implementation of B2B in Automobile industry : A case study of Daimler Chrysler Mitsubishi

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Industry organisation background structure

The Automotive industry of the world is changing dramatically . With the improving economies of Asia the demand for cars is also increasing

Business forecasters are saying that Asia would be the second largest automotive market in 2013 after the United States . This was rapidly encouraging carmakers to manufacture vehicles that fit customers needs based n their geographic location as well as the more traditional demographic and [banner_entry_middle]

financial factors . More than 2 million passenger cars were sold in China last year , an increase of more than 80 percent from the year before , according to the State Information Centre . China is now the single fastest-growing auto market in the world , and the second largest in Asia after Japan (Goodman ,2006 ) The increase in the number of auto mobiles is not a problem itself but the problem lies in the fact that as the income of the urban people increase the number of vehicles also increase with the same proportion but the roads , parking areas and fuel supply do not increase with the same proportion . Since the increase of number of vehicles is the only factors involved in the increase in income of the population . But the increase in the road length is dependent upon many economical , political and social factors This difference makes the pace of development to accommodate this increase in no of automobiles slow and hence the blessing of owning private transportation becomes curse

The increasing problem of accommodating the new cars on the roads and lack of parking has given rise to the need of small and affordable cars rather than the big , luxurious and expensive cars

The industry has become more technology oriented and it ‘s become harder for the companies to get the economies of scale

There was a consensus among industry analysis that global automotive markets would probably improve only slowly . It was anticipated that there would be some decrease in over all demand in North America in 2003 , even if car manufactures continued to offer generous incentives in the United States . And no significant recovery was expected in the passenger car markets of Western Europe and Japan in 2003

The automotive industry produced a variety of passenger cars , suburban vehicles , light trucks , mini vans , and motorcycles and sold these products to individuals of all genders and different income levels , as well as to all types of business enterprises and governments

All auto manufacturers were trying to increase their profits by increasing their sales and decreasing their operating costs . Along the way they were also trying to increase their market share and gain a competitive advantage . All auto makers were operating in highly dynamic environments were they had to continuously change themselves in response to changing market conditions , while managing huge long-term capital asset commitments

These companies created profits by satisfying consumers , needs , wishes and expectations . In to created a product that… [banner_entry_footer]


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