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Uncle Tom`s cabin

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Book Report

4th December 2006

Uncle Tom ‘s Cabin

By Harriet Beecher Stowe

A book report

If there is just one book that inspired , taught , preached and innovated – it has to be Uncle Tom ‘s Cabin . Stowe ‘s classic has been looked upon by many as a book that redefined the entire meaning of American culture and gave the world the hope of a racist-free atmosphere . The book has also been looked upon as one of the instigating factors of the American civil [banner_entry_middle]

war . Had it not been for this book , they say , America would still be in the dark ages , and racism would have cruelly ruled the world

.The books are not necessarily of a high quality .Uncle Tom ‘s cabin , for example , was not a literary masterpiece , but it was a culture-bearing book . People saw it as a portrayal of their own cultural upheaval , and it became an overwhelming success

That single line sums up the entire nature of Uncle Tom ‘s cabin . It is a culture-bearing book , as Pirsing points out . According to him culture-bearing books bear the culture of the world on their backs like a mule . In such a case , we may say that culture-bearing books are revolutionary , and provide an alternative to the current scenario . Uncle Tom ‘s cabin had a message to give to the world – end slavery . And coincidentally , the book appeared in America when the change proposed in the book – the end of slavery – was vociferously spreading all over America . That , culture-bearing phenomenon ‘ is the main factor for the success of Stowe ‘s work – not literary flair – for there are classics of a much higher literary quality that exist . Uncle Tom ‘s cabin was an overwhelming success because it was a culture-bearing ‘ book – a book with a strong message

The Fugitive Slave Act was part of the group of laws referred to as the “Compromise of 1850 ” In this compromise , the antislavery advocates gained the admission of California as a free state , and the prohibition of slave trading in the District of Columbia . The slavery party received concessions with regard to slaveholding in Texas and the passage of this law . Passage of this law was so hated by abolitionists , however , that its existence played a role in the end of slavery a little more than a dozen years later . This law also spurred the continued operation of the fabled Underground Railroad , a network of over 3 ,000 homes and other “stations ” that helped escaping slaves travel from the southern slave-holding states to the northern states and Canada

This slave bill , passed in 1850 , explains the tight situation northerners found themselves in . In such a case , slave trade not only flourished in the south once again , abolishment was delayed by almost a dozen years , as pointed out . With relation to Uncle Tom ‘s cabin , the slave bill of 1850 , an excerpt from C .D .Warner ‘s article says it all It was the fugitive slave… [banner_entry_footer]


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