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UC application personal statement

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It was my interest in business and management that pushed me in planning to take economics as my major . My application in the University of California , one of the finest research universities in the world would give me the chance to fully engage myself in the interest that I really like . Money , transactions , business analysis and management are some things I truly want to get involved with . I see a good financial analyst in me , someone very knowledgeable in government policies and a credible business consultant of private business firms . I can only [banner_entry_middle]

reach these desires if I can get the right knowledge , experience and training to know the flow of business , the market , and the economy itself . Who knows , I can be the best financial analyst in Indonesia . And studying a degree course in economics is my first step

This interest of mine started when I took minor subjects in economics during my younger years in studying . And during those times I became fond of things like currency , economic performance , foreign exchange rate , income and investment . I realized that this field tackles a wide range of s lot and I find them interesting to observe , analyze , and examine especially if it will involve the economy of my own country Indonesia , who ‘s market is starting grew bigger every year . In the development of my interest , one of the things I find appealing about economics as a degree is its potential to teach somebody to operate people and the society all at the same time and this task is very hard

As I grow old , managing people and money became my forte , I used to slot in small businesses with my classmates in school . We do few fund raising activities for school related events and I usually get the position of the financial head . Whenever an activity is planned , I make sure the financial committee works and I see my people doing the job themselves I make sure I direct the task to them . On money matters , I think of ideas to increase finance and strategies in manipulating our small business transactions . Because of these I have experienced conducting analysis on financial s in school . Also , if time permits me too , I attend seminars and symposia with s related to management business , money , economic performances and more . During the times when I was studying my minor economics subject , I find it challenging to solve problems in some exercises given to us . With all these activities , I gained familiarity in the flow of economics . The best part all throughout the learning phase are the skills I was able to develop in managing and organizing

Taking my character into account , I can honestly say that I am fast learner and I ‘m very eager to learn . I am not afraid to take risks and planning and organizing is very important to me . Out of boastful actions , I am very good in manipulating things . I know how to allot things successfully and to… [banner_entry_footer]


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