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An Essay on the Contributions and Influences


George Washington and Benjamin Franklin

to the

Development of the Constitution


The Contributions and Influences of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin to the Development of the Constitution

George Washington is a revered figure in history . He was the first President of the United States and one of its beloved Founding Fathers He was Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army upon whose victory the thirteen colonies depended to secure their separate and equal station among the powers of the earth (Rediscovering [banner_entry_middle]

George Washington , 2002 , Introduction , para . 2 . The usual facts aside , George Washington is a study of contrasting character traits , modesty and pride

Washington lived up to his legendary self with an immense awareness of who he was . In the book , Portrait of America (Oates Errico , 2003 Gordon S . Wood points that Washington ‘s greatest asset is his character that he was representative of the 18th-century iconic image of a great man of virtue (Essay 10 , II , para . 7 8 . The eighteenth century was a very different era in many respects from the present that his personal concerns then may sound preposterous now . For example , Wood (2003 detailed that Washington was notoriously aloof in keeping with the image of a classical hero (III , para . 5 , something that is bane nowadays for someone who occupies or dreams of coveting the highest office of the land

Wood (2003 ) exposed that Washington was very meticulous of himself especially in the company of others constantly cultivating the ideals of being a proper gentleman from his physical bearings to his personal manners (II , para . 15 . He certainly considered his reputation his treasure and he protected it all his life (III , para . 6 . There lies his enigma , the possession of two contrasting traits , modesty and pride Wood (2003 ) further emphasized that it was his moral character that set him off from other men (II , para .7 . This moral steadfastness has served him well in tempting moments

It is worthy to know that Washington acknowledged but was quite insecure about his lack of formal education compared to his learned peers Self-criticism impeded his actions like his refusal to travel to France finding to have a conversation through an interpreter indignant to a man of his stature , as Wood (2003 , II , para . 16 ) pointed out . This shortcoming produced a very modest man who had the humility to surrender his powers and retreat from public life , an unprecedented act in the Western world (Wood , 2003 , III , para . 2 ) and which only enhanced his image of greatness . Throughout history , the intoxication of power has often cultivated greed out of its possessors

Coming out of retirement and leading the Philadelphia Convention in 1787 , Washington ‘s untarnished reputation was crucial to the ratification of the proposed Constitution . His reputation then at stake he worked hard to have it ratified (Wood , 2003 , IV , para . 1 . This was the typical Washington work ethic : a concern for validation of his deliberate act in the eyes of his peers… [banner_entry_footer]


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