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U.S. Department of Transportation

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Department of Transportation

Felicia Mcintyre

October 20 , 2006


Every nation must have a governing body or a government that is responsible for carrying out the country ‘s operations . In the United States , the administration involves federal , state , and local laws bodies , and agencies . In to serve the Americans better , the Founding Fathers , divided the government into three branches . These branches are the legislative , executive , and the judicial . In to address various issues and combat problems faced by the nation , the branches of [banner_entry_middle]

government , particularly the legislative branch , established rulings and agencies . One particular example of a successfully established executive federal agency is the Department of Transportation (DOT . The DOT aims to improve and organize its strategies and guiding principles to come up with a well-organized and cost-effective system of national transportation

Department of Transportation

Americans long have been optimistic concerning its nation , its institutions , and its future . Every American set sights on establishing or having a better nation (O ‘Connor , 2004 ,

.2 . This aspiration was the reason why the Framers of the Constitution or the Founding Fathers came up with the idea of establishing a governing body that will oversee the nation and create laws essential for the Americans . This set of laws refers to the U .S . Constitution (O ‘Connor , 2004 . In 1787 , 55 representatives from different states went to Philadelphia to attend the Convention concerning the preparation of the Constitution . From then on the U .S . Constitution has been the ultimate law for American people

The current U .S . government and political system was the result of different philosophies from Framers of the constitution and American colonists (O ‘Connor , 2004 . In particular , the two philosophers who greatly influenced the constitution were John Locke and Baron de Montesquieu (Kurian , 1998 . Consistent with what Kurian (1998 ) stated John Locke , a notable British political philosopher , had shaped the constitution by way of his Second Treatise of Government . In his philosophy , Locke claimed that power exists in every person , not just for leaders . Likewise , Locke asserted that the state of came from the social relation of people who give permission to the government to protect them , safeguard their freedom as well as their possessions (Kurian , 1998 . Locke ‘s beliefs are evident in the Declaration of Independence . This belief claimed that governments obtain their authorities from the approval given by their subordinates . Moreover Locked started introducing the notion of the division of powers . What is more , Kurian (1998 ) asserted that the other philosopher who influenced the constitution was the French writer Baron de Montesquieu . In his entitled The Spirit of the Laws , Montesquieu improved the idea of the powers separation

After some time , the Founding Fathers of the constitution , wanted a major transformation on the existing constitution (O ‘Connor , 2004 Eventually , the U .S . constitution had evolved over time and had undergone a lot of changes and reforms . These dramatic changes and transformations were because of the aspiration of having an improved and… [banner_entry_footer]


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