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Types of Research

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Summary and rationale for choosing article

The study by Lehr et al (2004 ) entitled Why is Preventing Dropout a Critical and Immediate National Goal ‘ states that according to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (1995 ) almost four out of five persons who are incarcerated in this country never graduated from high school . The National Longitudinal Transition Study of special education students has also shown that the rates of arrest for non-graduate youth with disabilities were higher than the arrest rates of those who had received diplomas (Wagner et al , 1991 [banner_entry_middle]

. This research was chosen because of the discrepancy in the methods used to calculate high school drop out rates across states and the search for valid results through reliable methods of calculation


This was mainly a research project designed to access a true picture of the drop out rates and to find successful programs against high school drop out . The sample programs researched were chosen from the few interventions recorded that were based on methodologically sound analysis (Lehr et al . 2004 . Research was done based on the three types of statistics for drop out rates : event , annual , or incidence rate status or prevalence rate and cohort or longitudinal rate (2004

Reliability , Validity , Generalization , and Limitations

The research method used to collect the data represents a review of literature . This method has been proven reliable , as can be seen in its prevalence (or rather , indispensability ) in all scientific research . The list of research examined is a long one , containing over sixty (60 articles . Since the validity and reliability of the methods used in these works were heavily scrutinized , then the resulting research by Lehr et al (2004 ) might also be considered valid . However , the researchers were quick to point out that this list of articles reviewed was not a comprehensive one . Plus , since the samples and variables of each study differed , validity and generalizability cannot be complete The variability of the several studies and articles reviewed might be considered one of the major limitations of this research

Summary and rationale for choosing article

The study , Early Identification of the Chronic Offender ‘ by Haapanen and Jesness , revised and re-released with follow-up data in 1994 represents longitudinal research conducted over a two- to ten-year period in to facilitate the early identification of chronic criminal offenders . The goal of the study was to determine the patterns of criminality of serious juvenile delinquents and the extent to which chronic adult offenders could be identified early in their careers . The researchers perused criminal records for patterns that would aid the prediction of chronic , violent offenders , through establishing criminal typology . This test could therefore be classified as both exploratory and explanatory , as it sought to explain the behavioral and environmental reasons why some persons become criminals as well as to explore the possible existence of a type of person who is predisposed to be a sociopath that displays chronic criminal behavior


The major years of criminal activity have been found to be… [banner_entry_footer]


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