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two serious environmental problems

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Changing World – Central America

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The world today is ad infinitum evolving and adjusting itself to an Urbanization , increasing population , their struggle to extract the most from mother nature to support their livelihood , be it Farming , mining ranching , or even industrialization , and to these trends Central America is no stranger , but in fact has picked up pace in development after the reunification of Belize , Costa Rica nicaragua , El Salvador , panama Honduras , Nicaragua and Guatemala

However , economic development and growth confines [banner_entry_middle]

itself not only to the perks of increased revenues and incomes , but also contributes to the steady depletion of natural energy sources used to fuel industries cater to the build-up of towns and cities around it and make way for farms , ranches and pastures , giving birth to problems like Deforestation

40 of all the forests have been either cleared or burned down in the last 40 years in Central America , mostly for the purpose of cattle pasture to feed the export market . Despite the fact that these five countries are scattered amongst the worlds largest rainforest areas they are under enormous pressure from their finance debt and consequently they are either cutting or clearing forests that unburden them from their debts

But that ‘s not where our problems end . The incineration of these natural resources like Fossil Fuels i .e . coal , emit hazardous by-products into the atmosphere that not only imperil humans facing it , but effects every living organism in the area by tipping off the balance of natural elements . The result : Air pollution due to excessive use of Fossil Fuels


In the last five years , Central America has lost 19 of its green cover to deforestation , primarily because of a rapidly growing population stripping land to get more land space for their homes , farm lands and sources of energy for their industries and residences . The rapid rise in the rate of deforestation is also owed to illegal logging in the area The only vulnerability imposed to the Central Americans is not the lack of trees or a depleting source of energy , but a whole chain of reaction effects that deforestation triggers . Namely soil erosion , land slides from lack of root hold to bind the soil together , scarcity of water , and fluctuating climates caused by lacking oxygen balance in the atmosphere that the dense tree growth provided

It was also noted during the last few years that deforestation also made the extremities of the climate far harsher and perilous for the occupants due to the lack of protection by the forest cover . As in the case of Hurricane Mitch in December 1998 , whose damage when assessed by Past RI Director Bill Cadwallader was said to be aggravated due to increased deforestation ensuing from over population in Central America


The main causes of Deforestation in Central America is owed to Urbanization , excessive population , agricultural and industrial development , illegal logging , increase in use of timber as an energy font and final… [banner_entry_footer]


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