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Two Nations

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Andrew Hacker ‘s Two Nations

According to the latest research the author , a political science professor at Queens College in New York City , challenge that whites deep-rooted , enveloping racism beside blacks has created “America ‘s version of apartheid ” numerous white Americans , particularly political conservatives , still harbor the injustice that blacks are hereditarily lesser , he states . In a significant , strongly argued , composed report that makes broadminded use of tables and statistics , Hacker (The End of the American Era ) documents racialist manner [banner_entry_middle]

and practices in the commerce division , reveals the low percentage of blacks enrolled in colleges and depiction white racism in politics , employment practices and education and the public ‘s insight of crime and wellbeing . Moreover turning to blacks “self-inflicted genocide ” through drugs and street aggression , he argues that white America shares a big measure of liability for this situation since it has fostered a racial chasm–a divide that seems probable to persist unless radical steps are taken

If one analyzes then one come to know that the hacker argues that blacks and whites live in two dissimilar worlds . He uses statistical proof to show that the United States is a nation of disparity , antagonism , and separatism . Hacker uses a quotation from Benjamin Disraeli in the preface that essentially sums up his whole book , Two nations , among whom there is no intercourse and no compassion that are as ignorant of each others habits , opinion , and feelings , as if they were dwellers in dissimilar zones , or inhabitants of dissimilar planets ‘ Beyond the shadow this book reveals to all the genuine scope of race and how it controls lives and divides society . Furthermore , Hacker analyzes race in each phase imaginable , such as politics , education , and offense . He shows how those in influence use race as means of prejudice and power

Moreover one issue Hacker addresses is assenting Action . One has the same opinion by his assertion that whites are afraid of it since they believe that it is enabling black America to be weak and subservient to the dictates of the society ‘ though , Affirmative Action may be one of the few programs intended to assist blacks . One also agreed by Hacker ‘s notion that society concentrates exclusively on black crime ‘ but then looks away in instances of white crime ‘ By white crime , Hacker means non-violent crimes like misappropriation and black crimes ‘ are the aggressive crimes like put to death . Since society sees black crimes ‘ as further dangerous , they tend to pay no attention to white crimes ‘ A subject brought up by Hacker that one opposes with is his insight that rape is a political act . Rape is an act of aggression , whether white males entrust it or black males or the victim is white or black . Rape is a horrifying offense , politically motivated or not . One also opposes Hacker ‘s belief that blacks have right to vengeance since of the centuries they served as slaves Hacker was not at all a slave . One has… [banner_entry_footer]


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