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Two Articles Review

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Two Articles Review


North Korea threatened Japan on 12 October , 2006 , warning that strong countermeasures ‘ will be taken into action in response to the new sanctions that Japan announced would put in practice . Tokyo had said the previous day that all the shipments from North Korea would be banned The sanctions are expected to go into effect after they are approved by Japan ‘s Cabinet Friday . North Korean nationals also were prohibited from entering Japan , with limited exceptions , the Japanese Cabinet Office said in a statement released after an emergency [banner_entry_middle]

security meeting late Wednesday

The foreign ministry in Pyongyang said that sanctions would be regarded “as a declaration of war and we will take a series of physical counter-measures . The same statement was clearly repeated later by Kim Yong-nam , the second highest rank of the regime in North Korea

The impoverished country would face serious damage to the economy if the sanctions were fulfilled . The specialty mushrooms and fish that were imported to Japan brought serious amount of foreign currency to the country

The Kyodo report quoted Song as suggesting that Pyongyang would not hold normalization talks with Tokyo as long as sanctions are in place . Those talks are currently stalled over issues including the abductions of Japanese citizens by agents from the North in the 1970s and 80s “I wonder if we can hold talks under these kinds of circumstances ” Song said

The response of the US President and UN Secretary General were different . Mr . Bush said at a press conference in the white house that bilateral talks Pyongyang wanted had to be ruled out , whereas Mr . Annan said the talks were the only way to end the crisis


1 . North Korea threatens Japan

HYPERLINK “http /www .telegraph .co .uk /news /main .jhtml ?xml /news /2006 /10 /12 /ukorea xml http /www .telegraph .co .uk /news /main .jhtml ?xml /news /2006 /10 /12 /ukorea .x ml

2 . N . Korea threatens ‘countermeasures ‘ against Japan

HYPERLINK “http /www .usatoday .com /news /world /2006-10-12-koreas-nuclear_x .htm http /www .usatoday .com /news /world /2006-10-12-koreas-nuclear_x .htm… [banner_entry_footer]


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