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Travel let people become more understanding

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Traveling is an excellent opportunity to go beyond the boundaries of own country . International tourism enables to open new corners of the world and get familiar with unique unknown cultures , which are multiple on the Universe . Yet , what is more important , traveling allows people not to just enlarge the physical limits of regular existence , but it also widens the outlook and even shapes the existing values by showing how others live and perceive the world

There exist different types of international tourism – leisure tourism , business travel , medical travel , and historical [banner_entry_middle]

travel . Leisure travel allows people to go to different usually exotic places (Africa South East Asia etc ) and have a rest there enjoying the seaside , the sun , beautiful beaches . Business travel supposes that a person visits other countries on business trips . Nowadays , medical traveling is becoming more and more popular . People go abroad to cure from certain diseases or simply enhance there health . Finally , the main purpose of historical tourism is to see the historical heritage of the country Such a trip supposes multiple excursions to different places of interest of the particular country . However , no matter what is the main purpose of traveling abroad , visiting other country opens new boundaries before the person , which reflect in the different things

First of all , trip abroad enables people to get familiar with new things – geography , culture , history of the visiting place . This upraises the educational level of the person and enhances self-consciousness of him . For example , we all know that Egypt is famous for its pyramids that are thousands years old . Those pyramids are the foremost glory and distinction of the country . However , not all knows how much effort and human lives were put into those constructions . Only seeing those giants own self , it is possible to understand the real value of human life . Seeing those pyramids , one can realize that his life is nothing compared to thousands year old stone . Such important revelation very often makes people reflect on what they do in their life and how much time they have on this world to do something valuable unless they go away . Another relevant example is Turkey . We used to think that Turkey is a great resort with its wonderful beaches and sea Yet , on coming to Turkey one gets a chance to see exciting historical places , cause Turkey is the place where there are traces of all three major religions – Islam , Christianity , and Judaism . Thus , we can see that international tourism helps to raise educational level and the level of self-consciousness of a person

Secondly , traveling enables to form own objective point of view independent of those , which are based on TV programs , journal and news articles , radio broadcasts etc . For instance , Pico Iyer (2002 assures that Arab population is not as evil as American officials portray it . All the media has been stating and convincing other countries that Arabs are terrorist and Americans have to fear them Moreover , special campaign was even launch to assure that the… [banner_entry_footer]


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