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The Best Ways to Get Around the City Using the San Diego Transport System

I have spent most of my life traversing San Diego roads , waterways , and other mass transit systems . It has always been there when I needed it so I never really gave much thought to all the choices I have had for getting around the city until now . I recently came across the City of San Diego website Transport site that explained that the City of San Diego prides itself in building its roadways according to the “Transit Oriented [banner_entry_middle]

Development ” guidelines that are more people than vehicle friendly

Even though this statement is true , the sheer number of daily commuters proves that more must be done to help people get around the city in a fast and efficient manner . I always see a lot of cars running in the street or being stuck in traffic . So , I can assume that most San Diegans prefer to drive themselves around the city . This is despite the constantly rising prices of gasoline in the world market . I decided to look further into this and delve deeper into other types of transportation available throughout in to get to places in the city . The 2 basic division of transportation is identified as personal and public . The travel can be done using streets and highways , mass transit , the airport , the seaport , and freight services . All these modes of transport have their positive and negative sides . A person eventually ends up choosing the mode of transport that best suit his personal needs and underlying factors . I want to concentrate on classifying the best modes of personal transport using the streets and highway system

The first kind of private transportation is a personal motorized vehicle like a car or jeep . I consider myself lucky because I own my own vehicle . I know that to most people , this is considered a great luxury In my case , I consider it more of a necessity than a luxury . The convenience of owning your own transportation device allows you the freedom to choose the time of your departure , protects you from the changing weather conditions from month to month , and most of all , it allows you to go to any place you desire to go at any given moment What ‘s the negative side ? Aside from the personal responsibility when it comes to safety and security issues , you also spend a tremendous amount yearly on the car registration , upkeep and license renewal for yourself . If you cannot afford to drive yourself around in your own car , you can still personally get yourself around the city . Although , it will be in the less glamorous , yet slowly gaining in popularity method of pedaling your way around the city on your own bicycle . A bicycle is inexpensive and does not require any registration or costly car insurance . Another advantage of this mode of transport is that a bicycle requires almost zero maintenance and does not use gasoline . Bicycles offer the… [banner_entry_footer]


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