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Transfer Essay for Chemistry

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p The 18th century French philosopher Denis Diderot said , Only passions , great passions , can elevate the soul to great things Describe one of your passions and discuss its contribution to your personal growth

When I was in high school , doctors diagnosed my mother with a thyroid condition , an ailment that made her feel extremely tired most of the time . Her illness disrupted her daily activities and left her weak and in need of medicines and nutrients to correct her condition . This led me to research on foods that will give her the [banner_entry_middle]

required nutrition to bring back her health . During my research , I learned about the chemical components and nutritional values of each type of food and I realized I was interested in what I am learning . Knowing how the chemical and nutritional content of food can either help or aggravate a person ‘s health condition was something that intrigued and fascinated me at that young age

Years later , I worked in a hospital for the elderly . There , I met many senior citizens who were suffering from one kind of ailment or another mostly due to their advanced age or their negligence in caring for their health during their younger years

In the course of my job , I had the chance to meet Mr . Johnson , an elderly man who had difficulty eating and moving . He had dementia and was suffering from paralysis . Most of the time , he just lied there and groaned in pain . During those times that he was not in pain , he was in a terrible state of depression . It seemed that the he was just waiting for his time , as the doctors could not do much more for him except give him medication to ease his pain

Watching the old man ‘s condition decline day after day affected me emotionally . It was difficult to stand there and watch someone slowly dying and not be able to do anything to help . It was difficult to know that he had no hope of recovery and at the same time , try to act normal and cheerful around him to take his mind off his condition even for just a few moments

My mother ‘s condition and this sad episode in my hospital experience actually served to light up in me a burning passion to help people who are suffering like Mr . Johnson and my Mom . In my mind , I envisioned myself discovering chemical mixtures that can be used in the field of medicine to alleviate the suffering of sick people or new chemical processes that can be useful in many important aspects of our daily lives , and at the same time , help preserve nature and the environment

This burning passion to discover new things helped me realize that there is a world out there where people need help that present modern technology could not provide . It certainly made me grow more mature in the sense that I started thinking more about other people ‘s needs , and less about my own . It… [banner_entry_footer]


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