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Trace the changing status of African women from 1. traditional societies through 2. colonialism, and 3. post-colonialism noting what role the women played and how these roles have changed to the contemporary situation. Note what factors led to the changes

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The Changing Status of African Women


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1 . Traditional societies 3

2 . Colonialism 10

3 . Post-colonialism 13

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Traditional Societies

The majority of women all over the world considered the second rate citizens , always at the mercy of their husbands who considered as the superior beings . It was noticeable in treating of their land and people A French Journalist once said that he has Arabian friends whom he met on [banner_entry_middle]

a daily basis , for twenty years yet he has never seen one of their wives . In Africa , worst treatments were noticeable on women . Africans are known to carry things on their heads , and do so with an exquisite sense of balance . It can be observed on the heads of walking Africans particularly women , everything from bottles standing upright to a mattress . Small children were slung and tied at the back . Therefore that the woman (who maybe carrying another baby in her belly ) has /her hands free for other duties , such as clubbing a donkey with a stick . An observer once asked why Africans who are well off , and could afford to buy bicycles would not buy even carts for transporting heavy equipments And they answer why buy when women are much cheaper and don ‘t need any spare parts . What masochists they are ! Why not let them carry it themselves . We can clearly see how culture had been subjecting women into such lowly positions . In Kikuyo , another African tribe , women are so much like beasts of burden . They do not carry their loads on their heads but on their backs supported by a leather loop around the forehead . By the time she reached middle age , its belt would have worn a groove across her temples . they could carry as much as two hundred pounds , specially so if she is collecting firewood from the forest grooves

Like the traditional African value system , most traditional African practices are fundamentally biased against women and gender-insensitive Little wonder , then , it is upheld as a traditional practice in many parts of Africa for girls as young as seven to be married to men old enough to be their fathers , and in some cases , grandfathers . Parents determine who marries their daughters before they are old enough to decide for themselves . Moreover , with the payment of the dowry , a girl is bought and automatically becomes the property of the man , who uses mistreats , and dumps her when he deems fit ‘Leo Igwe . Traditional African Practices

Although there are distinct role of women in Africa , yet these differ from one tribe to another tribe . Take for instance in Basutoland , the Union of South Africa and Great Britain , was seen few eternal signs of color bar where Africans are allowed to drink , and wonder of wonders even women may go into bars . Kikuyo . Women considered as slaves , but they have actually a well-defined rights and privileges as well as duties and play a substantial… [banner_entry_footer]


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