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Theory of Knowledge (Philosophy)

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Can a Machine Know

God-made Machines and Man-made Machines

Man is a God-made machine , and my personal computer is a man-made machine . I know that Plato is recognized as one of the greatest thinkers in the history of mankind . I also know that I have only heard about Plato from people , and never met him in person . I have never met God either , and I know that there are people who believe in Him and people who do not . But I have never met a person who believes that Plato did not [banner_entry_middle]

exist at the same time as he or she believes that God does not exist . In fact there are many people who do not believe in the existence of God , just as my personal computer does not consciously know the man who created it even if there is a personal signature of him somewhere in my computer ‘s hardware and software

I believe that humans know what they know based on their personal beliefs . I can easily say that I know that Plato did not exist , and those who said he existed are complete liars . Someone may refute my words today and say : But I know that Plato existed ‘ What if I really do not know that he existed because I am illiterate ? Does it matter to anyone ? Since it does not matter , my knowledge or ignorance of Plato is of no importance whatsoever . What is the use of such knowledge ? Knowledge has no practical use it simply exists for the abstract good of the soul ‘ Plato would answer himself ( Plato Yet I am quite careful about guarding the knowledge that I love , e .g . my knowledge of the scriptures . It is of practical use to me if not to every other God-made machine


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I believe that Jesus Christ was correct about his of God . So I know that the God-made machine knows what it knows from God while the man-made machine knows what it knows from the man who created its hardware and software , and he who runs it . The hardware of the God-machine is the human body . In my knowledge , this piece of miraculous machinery carries God ‘s signature since nobody else I know could have created it . Plus , I have read a book called The God Code in which the author describes God ‘s signature in my DNA . My software is my instinctive knowledge , e .g . my knowledge of my creator , and my hunches And because I believe in Jesus ‘ words , I believe in the life-giving Spirit that dwells in me and runs the show ! I am machine , in other words . I cannot move without His permission , nor think

My personal computer is as faithful to me as I am to God . I give instructions to my man-made machine , and it works accordingly . My personal computer does not have a mind of its own . The hardware and software developers whose signatures my personal computer carries have taught my… [banner_entry_footer]


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