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This is an appeal for the change of decision in regards to the custody of the governor ‘s son . It is to highlight the factors that might have been missed during the analysis of the case and therefore , the decision may not have been right

Grusha saved the baby from the palace and for the past two years that she had him , she kept him well . She loves him like a real son , even marrying a man she did not love just to save him from the soldiers . She provides his milk , of [banner_entry_middle]

which only a small portion is already equivalent to a week of her wage . When the judge asked them to physically grab for the baby , she lost both times because she could not dare to hurt him and at the same time , Natella only want him back because of his inheritance

Why should Grusha not retain custody for the baby ? First and foremost she has already gone so far for the baby . She risked her life and kept it alive for so long . She must now go on with her life . The baby deserves luxurious things that his social standing entails , regardless of the mercenary reasons Natella have for wanting the custody of him Grusha has to scrimp her pennies for his milk alone , a little of it is as she has claimed , is equivalent to a week ‘s worth of her labor . How will she give him other things ? He needs clothes and other things that he could want toys , education , and other things that he was born to Letting Grusha have him might also mean that he looses his right to his inheritance , is that fair for her to make the choice for him ? Secondly even if he does not loose his own heritance , he will still not be able to enjoy them as a young man

Grusha has married a man to be able to hide the baby and keep him alive She has forsaken her own happiness , yes . And that is what is wrong Better yet , her ill chosen marriage is now declared void and that means she is now more than capable of pursuing her happiness . She will be able to marry the man she really loves and they will make a family of her own . She will have her own kids that she will dote on . What happens to the baby she now has custody of ? She might later on neglect him and forget about him as she has her own kids to think about , babies who are of her own flesh and blood

People change and though we have hearts that can take in the whole world , there is still a hierarchy . Now that she has her own life to pursue , she will eventually put his interests at the bottom of her priorities . It is not wrong nor evil of her , but simply human nature to love her own . And he will be better if he will not have to… [banner_entry_footer]


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