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Theatre in Contemporary Culture

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Theatre in Contemporary Culture

Aeschylus ‘ Agamemnon adaptation of the play is executed in the modern way . It can be said that the integrity and the credibility of the script and of the characters are still evident . The play ran for less than two hours with intervals . It started with the prologue in which the victory of Troy was proclaimed by the tower guards . The symbolic lighting of the towers signified the victory of Troy and the joyous occasion each one should celebrate . The history of the Trojan War was also related as told [banner_entry_middle]

br by the chorus , the old men of Argos . To refresh our memory , the War is because of Agamemnon and Menaleaus desire to recapture the beautiful Helen of Troy , the wife of Meneleaus . In Agamemnon ‘s absence , his wife Clytemnestra ed the sacrifice to the gods . In this gesture Agamemnon sacrificed their daughter Iphigenia . The story continues with the announcement of Clytemnestra of the fall of Troy to Greeks , this to the surprise of the chorus in Argos . This caused the alarm for Argos citizens , as the cost of war is unfortunate to them

After a ten-year absence , Agamemnon returned bringing the joy to the Argos city and sorrow for the lives cost at war . With Agamemnon ‘s return , Menaleus is not with him after his disappearance in the storm The city of Argos expressed their discouragement over Helen , the reason for the costly war . The chorus then praises the courage of Agamemnon and regards his wisdom and reminds them of the loyalty and obedience to the leader who served them well . In one part of the scene , Clytemnestra declares her distress and grief over waiting for her husband . With Agamemnons ‘ return is his mistress Cassandra . The daughter of Priam Cassandra was ed by Clytemnestra to be offered to the gods Cassandra in return called to the god Apollo and graced her with prophecy of the future acts of violence over the city of Argos . In Cassandra ‘s prophecy , the first couple of Argos will be killed by a woman lioness ‘ but will be revenged by the son . This rages Clytemnestra and decided to murder both Agamemnon and Cassandra . As the feeling of triumph emerged with Clytemnestra , the chorus then debated the reputation of Agamemnon with Clytemnestra . They still blame the fate to Helen of Troy . Clytemnestra has a lover named Aegisthus . She relates to him her triumph and her bravery in removing Argos ‘ sins and curse Clytemnestra and Aegisthus then led Argos and took control of the city The chorus gave a finale warning that Agamemnons ‘ son , Orestes will avenge his father ‘s death . This is according to Cassandra ‘s prophecy

The challenge of modern play is the adaptation of a historical account in modern times and views . In modern interpretation , the play must present and remain essentially to the original indispensable of the play . The language of the play does not disturb the intention of the playwrights . In the play , the focal point is not just… [banner_entry_footer]


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