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theater of the very near future

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My Idea of the Theatre of the Future The Institution

The theatre is a very important institution in our society . It was a breakthrough in the entertainment world . It provided new possibilities new ideas for the people so that it would entertain more and more people . It is known as the theatron in Greek , which means a place for seeing ‘ ADDIN EN .CITE History of Theatre2006Tupel o Community Theatrehttp /www .tctwebstage .com /o ftheatre .htm “History of Theatre , 2006 . In the theater you could see countless situations , events [banner_entry_middle]

, and many other things that you could see in real life . Surely , its an inseparable aspect in human society and in life But what would the theatre be in the near future ? What awaits this institution through the course of time

The Future of the Theatre

In the advent of modern technology , the theatre faces a lot of opponents . This includes the film industry , which as we know , is also a product of the theatre . The film industry has become a completely separate entity , with the manipulation of modern instruments and production . So , in to keep up with the competition , the future theatre would also make use of technology to their advantage . They would employ the latest technology yet , retaining the class and the quality performance that one would see in the theatres of today

In the near future , it would really interest me to go to a theatre if it has modern facilities , superb sound system , and vary talented artists and performers . It would encourage more people to go to a theatre if it offers comfort and great viewing pleasure . The perfect theater of the future would be a place where they could unwind from work or just a means of escape , wherein they are taking themselves away from reality Basically , a theatre should offer some features that will be relaxing to the more workaholic generation of the future , yet they will not falter in maintaining elegance and great talents in their artists and performers

The artists . The theatre of the future would be a repository of great talents from all walks of life . Thus , it should cater to all people , not only the audience but also the artists . They should be skilled performers , with great mastery of their fields of expertise , so that the people will have great viewing pleasure . There should also be a lot of performers from all countries , from all races , from Asians , Europeans and many more . This is because the audience is not only from a specific group of people . The audience that the theatre of the future will consider is the world

The performances . What you would see now in a modern-day theatre would also be shown in the theatre of the future . It would feature performances from great singers , which is buffed by a great sound system , made especially for the listening pleasure . When there are plays , it would be supported by modern technology so that it would look more realistic . For example… [banner_entry_footer]


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