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Yakuza is one of the groups that we can call dirt of the society for more than 30 years . Mainly , yakuza ‘s aim is to acquire wealth and power Due to these desires they are subjected to killing . There duty also is to protect the organization and the duty of the organization itself . The yakuza name was originated from a card game where ya means eight , ku means nine , and sa means three (Bruno , 2006 ) and thus the name yakuza is given to the group . The yakuza members can be easily identified through [banner_entry_middle]

their hairstyle , dress , and the like . They can also be identified by how they walk (they walk arrogantly . Every yakuza member must have a tattoo covering almost their whole body . This also serves as a prerequisite in joining the group . Their tattoo is covered with a long kimono covering till the neck . If a yakuza member is naked you can see that the tattoo is like a long undergarment covering

Yakuza , like the mafia also have a pyramidal type of hierarchy . The father and son relationship is adopted by the group . The kobun or the child is meant to love and be loyal to his oyabun or the father . The kobun sometime more love his master or boss than his own parents . The oyabun also should protect the kobun from the outside danger thus adopting the father and child relationship . The kobun also must be willing to be killed or die for the sake of his oyabun ‘s life

Yamaguchi-gumi originated or found the group . He started with a small member . After the death of Yamaguchi-gumi , Taoka take over the leadership of the group . His reign lasted 35 years , ending his death in 1981 (Bruno , 2006 . Taoka ‘s reign make the group stronger . His aim that time was to defeat all the gangs surrounding them for him to rule the gambling and other activities in the territory . Taoka was attempted to be killed by Narumi (Bruno , 2006 ) when he shoot Taoka with a 38 caliber pistol hitting Taoka ‘s neck . Taoka survived the incident but Narumi leaved the place immediately . After how many weeks the attacker was found dead in the wood near Kobe (Bruno , 2006

Yakuza has the same ritual with that of a wedding . This serves as a brotherhood for them . A yakuza member who is caught of disobedient or withdrew a loyalty is subject to their punishment . An oyabun will give him a knife and the kobun will cut his own finger (only the first joint of it for the first attempt . The kobun will present the cut finger to his oyabun . Scientifically the punishment has a significant . The little finger is the most strongest among the five fingers . The three fingers starting from the little finger are the fingers used in gripping a sword . If the little finger is injured , the person ‘s skill in sword will be lessen thus he will depend much to his master for protection

Although yakuza is a… [banner_entry_footer]


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