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The World Is Flat

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The World is Flat : by Thomas Friedman

A way to `The Global World

Introduction “Globalization refers in general to the worldwide integration of humanity and the compression of both the temporal and spatial dimensions of planetwide human interaction ” It “has aggravated many of the region ‘s most chronic problems–such as the pronounced degree of economic exploitation and social inequality that have characterized Latin America since it came under European colonial domination in the sixteenth century

The globalization of the world is a phenomenon which has always depended on technology . Although [banner_entry_middle]

much of the recent attention to globalization focuses on it as a recent development , escalating since the end of World War II and exploding in the post-Cold War period , the world ‘s diverse societies have been drawn into complex inter-connections throughout the modern period , and even before with the great ancient empires . Yet the phenomenon of globalization involves technology and the distribution of power , and is therefore a which cries out for the attention of philosophers

Friedman ‘s concept of the flat world

Friedman describes the unplanned cascade of technological and social shifts that effectively leveled the economic world , and accidentally made Beijing , Bangalore and Bethesda next-door neighbors ‘ Today individuals and small groups of every color of the rainbow will be able to plug and play ‘ Friedman ‘s list of flatteners ‘ includes the fall of the Berlin Wall the rise of Netscape and the dotcom boom that led to a trillion dollar investment in fiber optic cable the emergence of common software platforms and open source code enabling global collaboration and the rise of outsourcing , offshoring , supply chaining and insourcing . Friedman says these flatteners converged around the year 2000 , and created a flat world : a global , web-enabled platform for multiple forms of sharing knowledge and work , irrespective of time distance , geography and increasingly , language ‘ At the very moment this platform emerged , three huge economies materialized — those of India , China and the former Soviet Union — and three billion people who were out of the game , walked onto the playing field ‘ A final convergence may determine the fate of the U .S . in this final chapter of globalization . A political perfect storm ‘ as Friedman describes it — the dotcom bust , the attacks of 9 /11 , and the Enron scandal — distract us completely as a country ‘ Just when we need to face the fact of globalization and the need to compete in a new world , we ‘re looking The metaphor of a flat world , used by Friedman to describe the next phase of globalization , is ingenious . It came to him after hearing an Indian software executive explain how the world ‘s economic playing field was being leveled . For a variety of reasons , what economists call ‘barriers to entry ‘ are being destroyed today an individual or company anywhere can collaborate or compete globally . Bill Gates explains the meaning of this transformation best . Thirty years ago , he tells Friedman , if you had to choose between being born a genius in Mumbai or… [banner_entry_footer]


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