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The War In Iraq

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The War In Iraq

Most Current Positions For and Against


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December 2 , 2006

After the tragic events of September 11 , 2001 impacting the United States causing the deaths of innocent lives and political chaos , it was the first time since the bombing of Pearl Harbor , Hawaii that the United States has had an attack in its own land with the exception of instate terrorism such as the Oklahoma City Bombing and Wacko . September 11 2001 led to two major events , the famous Bush Doctrine now [banner_entry_middle]

known as the War on Terror and the Invasion of Iraq . The War on Terror first began in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime in search for Osama Bin Laden Although , the invasion of Afghanistan was successful and led many to be freed from oppression , still Bin Laden was not captured . Since under the Bush Doctrine , the congress gives ultimate authority to the executive branch to do was is in the interest of national security , the next target under the Bush Administration was Iraq . In the following paragraphs , stated will be views for and against the war in Iraq as well as my personal reasons for opposing the war

According to United States and Iraq Pro and Con Organization , which is a non-profit organization working for the understanding of the reasons behind the invasion and its history explains that there are nine reasons for the invasion of Iraq . However , the three most common reasons are the Weapons of Mass Destruction , Terrorism and Links to Terrorist Organizations , and the Treat of Saddam Hussein (United States , 2006 First , the main reason for the justifications for invading Iraq was because it was acquired through intelligence reports that Saddam Hussein had obtained weapons of mass destruction in the first gulf war or was planning on having it through uranium enrichment . However , that suggestion turn to be wrong in a final report conducted by The Commission of the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States in 2005 , proving that their was no evidence to indicate the production of WMD ‘s or of uranium enrichment (United States , 2006

The second reason for the invasion was that Saddam Hussein was supporting terrorist organizations and using Iraq to harbor them . This reason was not valid since there was no evidence to prove such otherwise of actions during Saddam ‘s regime to support that claim and finally , was Saddam Hussein a threat to the United States and its allies governmental reports shows before the invasion that there was suspicion but not a threat proving later that he was not financially capable to attack other because of the many impose sanctions (United States , 2006 . For the many reasons supporting the invasion of Iraq , there are also reasons against it . The reasons for opposing the war are supported during these times of uncertainties in Iraq . The Iraqis are in a situation of insecurity and instability because of the hypothetical reason of democracy (British , 2006 . Although , the process of change is of a slow pace… [banner_entry_footer]


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