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The Value of Things

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The advent of technology posed to be a very vibrant moment for the development of products right and left . The constant evolution of the market , together with its consumers was made to be a very large factor in the development of the way companies tends to develop their products ADDIN EN .CITE LagaceMartha LagaceYour Customers Use Them or Lose Them2006November 232004President and Fellows of Harvard Collegehttp /hbswk .hbs .edu /item /42 67 .html (Lagace 2004 ) Furthermore , as the development of the [banner_entry_middle]

products in the market heads into a rise , the consumers have also changed the way that they see the products , tending to think more of the value of the products with relation to a large variety of considerations in which they judge the product lines

The consumers have gone a long way from the conventional variety of people that tend to think of the different benefits of the products by which the consumers of before have been thinking . The constant acceleration of technological advancement also contributed to the fact that people nowadays tend to explore the possibilities of experiencing the change in the times . Consumers nowadays have thought that somehow they relate the value of a commodity by which it can simplify their lives . ADDIN EN .CITE Douglas B HoltDouglas B . Holt John A . Quelch , and Earl L TaylorHow Consumers Value Global Brands2006November 232004President and Fellows of Harvard Colleghttp /hbswk .hbs .edu /item /437 7 .html (Douglas B Holt 2004 ) Technology has helped the people realize that there are a lot of ways in which life can be made easier . And with that , people have realized that the advent of technology can be made as a factor in which they could judge the value of an item or good

Another contributing factor in which people judge the value of the products is the quality in which the products help them . ADDIN EN .CITE GhemawatPankaj GhemawatGlobalization The Strategy of Differences2006November 232003President and Fellows of Harvard Collegehttp /hbswk .hbs .edu /item /37 73 .html (Ghemawat 2003 ) The development of technology not only made life easier for people but also better . The different developments in different fields helped people realize that the development of their life with technology can also be made as a contributing factor in which people can also judge the quality of the products

These are some of the factors that contribute to the way people place values on the products . Much more of the factors need to be emphasized and studied . In fact , some of these factors are not related to economics and sociology , but in the realms of logic and personal judgment . ADDIN EN .CITE RobbinsJo Ann RobbinsA Simple Method to Determine Consumer Preference Journal of ExtensionJournal of ExtensionVolume 41Number 52003http /www .joe .org /joe /2003october /tt4 .shtml December 16 2006 (Robbins 2003 Furthermore , people think differently from one another that ‘s why it is imperative that we study the other contributing factors not only from the majority , but also the minority . This… [banner_entry_footer]


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