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The Use of Time in Joseph Andrews, The Use of Stories Within a Story

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The wanderers always meet up with near disaster . It is the character ‘s underlying concern to protect their private ideals in a corrupted society . This is especially prevalent at the encounters at the inns

Fielding is not truly a naturalistic writer and he protects himself from typecasting characters as being too evil with his use of irony and satire . He moves away from these references by alluding to biblical examples – hoping to play it safe with God . The timelessness of human nature displays Fielding ‘s take on contemporary England . England is [banner_entry_middle]

full of artificial beings

Another empowering component of Fielding ‘s story-telling that adds intrigue is his ability to give just enough information on character background . Too much information takes away from the rising climax . He allows his craft for humor and character ‘s actions to display who they are . For example , The Pedlar is woven back into the story , toward the end . Pedlar reveals what he knows about Fanny : Her journey with the gypsies and that there were several Boobys who acted as scholars . The timing of this scene helps show the depth that Fielding went to in planning this classic . The Parson fell on his Knees and the dreadful Sin of Incest was committed and the Pedlar was struck with amazement , not being able to account for all this Confusion , the Cause of which was presently opened by the Parson ‘s Daughter , who was the only unconcerned Person (for the Mother was chaffing Fanny ‘s Temples , and taking the utmost care of her ) and indeed Fanny was the only Creature whom the Daughter would have pitied . The above clip from the novel shows how interwoven the characters are in the story

Some of this novel , however , is disjointed – clunky – making it difficult to follow , especially the drastic shifts… [banner_entry_footer]


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