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The Unvanquished

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Deluded Niggers in William Faulkner ‘s Unvanquished

Before , it had been like passing through a country where nobody had ever lived now it was like passing through one where everybody had died at the same moment . That night we waked up three times and sat up in the wagon in the dark and heard niggers pass in the road . The last time it was after dawn and we had already fed the horses . It was a big crowd of them this time , and they sounded like they were running , like they had to [banner_entry_middle]

keep ahead of daylight (Faulkner 104

The Unvanquished is unique among Faulkner ‘s works for its setting during the Civil War . Though the themes relating to American South are the common elements in all of Faulkner ‘s novels , most of his stories are set in the twentieth century . In The Unvanquished , however , there are Confederates and Yankess , raids , clashes and armies moving all about the place . This is a novel that celebrates Southern heroism , especially as seen in the form of the gallantry of the Sartoris family . In many ways it would not be difficult for readers to emotionally identify with these slave-holding folks of the South , though in principle , all of us may abhor slavery and have our moral affinity clearly lying on the side of the Yankees . Since the story is set during the period of the Civil War one would expect the issue of racism to feature prominently in the book Unfortunately , for the most part Faulkner acts blind to the problems related to Negro slavery . It is very strange to see a great writer of the first half of the twentieth century to be so blatantly supporting the issue of slavery , almost as much surprising as it would be to find a great philosopher such as Martin Heidegger supporting Hitler ‘s fascism .Frequently , the implications of racism , slavery , and prejudice are comfortably glazed past . Going by Faulkner ‘s account , it would seem that most of slaves are content with their condition and do not really wish to be free . And those slaves who really want to be liberated , like Loosh who is a slave in the Sartoris household , are cast in a negative light Colonel Sartoris kills two Northern Abolitionists in the name of racial purity , and Faulkner seems as if to be expecting us to admire the Colonel ‘s courage . Colonel Sartoris as a romanticized soldier and Yankee killer is in fact a role model for his son

Celebrating the culture of the South can be an understandable enterprise , and would seem to be valid to some extent . After all , the opposite side needs to be voiced too . We could very much sympathize with the characters in a Second World War film portraying the German side although we would not really wish them any victory . They are human beings too , they too fought as bravely as us . It is a similar case with the South , they were not monsters altogether , simply because… [banner_entry_footer]


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