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the two approaches to knowledge management

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Knowledge Management

1 . Did Frito-Lay and StepTwo (the consulting firm for the RTA case study ) have the same definition or concept of knowledge management Explain your answer

Concepts of knowledge management differ at both firms . Frito Lay is using their knowledge mostly for decisions which will then effect the external environment in terms of strategies implemented etc . Frito Lay it can be said , have stayed true tot eh concept of knowledge management where a firm uses organization wide knowledge to help in decision making and develop strategies

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other hand developed a system for a call centre where knowledge is used to assist customers in troubleshooting products . This `information ‘ is not mainly used for strategic decisions by the business but only to solve customer questions , implement training programs etc this might have resulted in a competitive advantage due to better customer service but does not help much in terms of decision making on an organization wide scale

2 . Compare and contrast the problems that Frito-Lay and RTA faced

Both Frito-Lay and RTA faced the daunting task of converting information into machine form . Although RTA had to enter this into the system Frit-Lay had to convert existing electronic information according to fixed standards so that it can be used throughout the organization in a similar way . Frito-Lay ‘s sheer amount of data made this task a lot more tedious . What helped them however was the fact that most of it was already in electronic form . RTA on the other hand had to inscribe all tat information in to machine form before being able to sue it which meant that not just explicit knowledge but implicit knowledge too had to be extracted form experts in the field via interviews and entered into the system knowledge base

3 . Compare and contrast the solutions that Frito-Lay and RTA came up with

Frito-Lay came up with the idea of a web portal through which its sales teams can access data all over the world . This secure data would be shared over public networks enabling sales teams to not only gain the information they need but also communicate effectively through it

RTA on the other hand developed an internal system which ran on their private network . This system could only be accessed from within the premises and included subsystems rather than a single portal by which users can gain access to everything . The system itself was built over NRMA ‘s technologies and was in fact a subsystem of the existing technologies running at RTA

4 . How effective do you think that the two solutions will be in solving the initial problems ? Explain your answer

RTA ‘s solution will be perfect in solving their problems due tot eh fact that they have addressed all the needs . The most problematic feature can however be the addition of new knowledge to the existing repository . Furthermore , this knowledge will have to be constantly checked to be in line with the existing standards

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