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the triad

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As far as path to standardization is concerned , which could mean mechanism for optimizing economic use of scarce resources or improving efficiency to handle people and their interactions , we could also say that the triad is the obvious path because it is there where competing companies for globalization are found . It is argued that globalization produces competition leading to standardization

Hence , we could say that triad could really be a fast track for an aspiring company wanting to have globalization and standardization since the triad provides the venue and the opportunities p [banner_entry_middle]

To conclude , it could be said that will eventually trigger globalization while the latter will result in economic integration of the whole world . Globalization is seen to promote further interdependence among countries in East Asian economies as they pass through different stages of development . MNE being classified as triad-based MNEs indicate that triad first conquers first their own region or triad to sell their products before actually becoming global hence a company must first become a major player in a country within the triad , then it becomes regional until it becomes global . However , being part of the triad based does not mean that they will eventually become global , because strategy is still a choice


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