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The Testament by John Grisham

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The Testament by John Grisham is a story with a strong underlying moral base . The characters of Troy Phelan and his daughter Rachel Lane are opposites in every sense of the word . Their philosophies towards other people are at two disparate ends of the spectrum . While ruthless Troy achieves everything at the expense of others , humble Rachel gives up everything to help others . That these two people could be father and daughter is almost inconceivable . Nevertheless , by examining the actions these differing people take , strong conclusions can be made about the link [banner_entry_middle]

between material wealth and moral bankruptcy

Troy Phelan is an incredibly wealthy man . So wealthy that it is almost impossible for the average person to grasp his sort of fortune . He has experienced all that money has to offer – countless cars , countless women , and countless adventures . But at the end of his life , when all is said and done , he has nothing . His contact with those closest to him has been his life ‘s failure – he has not been a real father nor has he ever been a real husband . As he puts it , I am estranged from all the wives and all the children . They ‘re gathered here today because I ‘m dying and it ‘s time to divide the money (p .2 ) But no one knows that Troy Phelan is not really dying . While they all spend money they have not yet inherited , he hatches a plot to commit suicide and , in a final act of cruelty to those closest to him , disinherits all of his ex-wives and children leaving them all heavily in debt and as ruined as he is

Were it not for the tragedy of his situation , Troy ‘s final actions could be seen as the ultimate act of cruelty . However , taking into consideration the pathetic situation that a man of his power has found himself in , one can do little more than pity this seemingly influential and yet wretchedly weak man . He blames everyone except himself for the way his children have turned out – greedy and self-centered , he fails to see how they , in fact mirror him . This is a man who , despite a tough exterior , in his last days has no one and thus , little more to do than plot his own dramatic demise

Troy ‘s illegitimate daughter Rachel shares neither her father ‘s money nor his outlook on life . She grew up with adoptive parents after a one night stand with Troy left her young single mother wrecked , alone and suicidal . A doctor , Rachel is a devout Christian and has devoted her life to God by serving Him as a missionary in the far , remote jungles of Brazil with an organization called World Tribes . After changing her name to Rachel Porter to hide her identity and connection to Troy Phelan , she confides with only one person , her colleague Neva at World Tribes as to her real identity . Rachel is neither selfish nor self-centered . Everything she does is for the Indian… [banner_entry_footer]


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