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The Similarities between Dentists and Artists

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The Similarities between Dentists and Artists

The days of the lab coated nerd in a house of pain is long gone . Now it ‘s goodbye to the dreaded dental clinics and welcome to the hip dental salons . The world of dentistry has evolved . Dentists are no longer purely teeth doctors . They have advanced from simple tooth fillings and extractions . They have crossed the bs between being a man of science and a man of art . What most artists can do , a cosmetic dentist [banner_entry_middle]

can do too

The jobs of artists and dentists used to be poles apart . Art is the world of creativity . An artist is a person whose profession requires knowledge of colors , shapes and beauty . An artist is an individual possessing an exceptional skill , with the heart and power of imagination . Artists such as painters , sculptors , or musicians are gifted with a virtue of sensitivity and originality that creates works of aesthetic value . On the other hand , a general dentist is a skilled practitioner . They are a product of a thoroughly researched and studied discipline that specializes in the diagnoses , analyses , and treatments of dental problems . As the US Department of Labor defines the nature of work of a dentist is to diagnose , prevent , and treat problems with teeth and mouth tissue . They remove dental cavities replace protective sealants , and repair fractured teeth . A conventional dentist ‘s mission is to fix dental problems with a much lower anticipation of beauty

Science and art are smoothly unified in cosmetic dentistry . Dentistry and art are crafts that both require special skill and careful attention to details . Hence , with the advent of cosmetic dentistry , a new breed of dentists does not just ease the pain of a decayed tooth . They now have an additional mission which is to bring back the original appearance or to enhance the face and the teeth . They no longer have just patients but clients too . Cosmetic dentistry fixes and treats decays , infections cracks , or other structural problems through scientific art . This field includes Prosthodonthics or complicated dental reconstruction Orthodontics where teeth are moved for proper alignment , and oral surgery , to name a few . Cosmetic dentistry is the art of addressing the self-perception of the patient . Cosmetic dentists know that if the patient is not d with the appearance of the work , the case is a failure (Hall 1 . Cosmetic dentists have a passion to produce great smiles and have an added spark of creativity and attention to beauty They can be referred to as plastic surgeons of a certain class

Dentists have begun to think and perform like artists . Just like painters , cosmetic dentists don ‘t just see white or yellowish . Cosmetic dentists understand that there are many shades and variations of white and yellowish . This is very important when doing procedures such as teeth whitening treatments and making porcelain veneers . But that ‘s not the only part of dentistry that involves the eyes of an artist . Dentists make… [banner_entry_footer]


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