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The Role and Impact of Culture

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The Role and Impact of Culture

Pg .1 The international businessperson requires a kind of sensitivity for the

job . A large number of American business people travel around the globe training

business people in sensitivity training , ethics , management techniques human resources

and computers . However , what may work in an American training session may not work

abroad . In other words , what may be innocuous to one person may be repulsively

offensive to another . This is why training in sensitivity to cultural differences is so

important in most [banner_entry_middle]

businesses , today

Executives learn customs to not offend or they will break the deal in a matter

of minutes . Business executives learn there are thousands of seemingly minor differences

throughout the world that have different degrees of offense . In some cultures , laughter or

an uncomfortable smile , for example is deemed nothing , however in other business and

social gatherings it is awkward and offensive . This outcome is determined when one

party is unfamiliar with another ‘s cultural customs

The cultural mistakes can be found throughout the world . In Brazil , the

Peace Sign , where a person holds two fingers up with their palm facing inward or the

A okay sign is considered an insult and is similar to the American middle finger . In the

Muslim world , to show the sole of the shoe is an insult and is seen as dirty . In Bulgaria

shaking the head means the person is listening not they are disagreeing Many American

business people find this confusing because they think that the person is disagreeing with

what they are saying

Alcohol consumption at business meetings is different in other countries

as well . In America , drinking at a business meeting has a stigma of someone with low

The Role and Impact of Culture

Pg .2

standing if a person s a beer with their meals , however in Asian countries any kind

of liquor drink is shared at social business events . It is the group-oriented nature of the

Asian culture that deems drinking at business meetings as acceptable and of high social

standing . The gesture of filling one ‘s glass continuously is very acceptable and is

expected to be returned . It is recommended that American business travelers who

are light drinkers , should leave his or her glass full so nobody can refill it . In Hungary , to

refuse a glass of apricot brandy at business meetings is considered rude and

untrustworthy . The advice for business people is to be cautious here because the smaller

the drink the more potent it is

American business people should also be aware that punctuality means

different things in different countries . In Germany and Sweden , business people are

always on time to their appointments , whereas in Spain , Costa Rica , and Italy people are

tardy . American business people should be aware and be prepared for unexpected

lateness . It is also recommended to not fill one ‘s schedule with too many appointments

when they are abroad

The act of giving a gift at meetings is important in successfully conducting

business in… [banner_entry_footer]


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