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The rise of the star in the wake of Hollywood/Golden Era.

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The Rise of the Star in the Wake of Hollywood ‘s Golden Era



Hollywood has long been a place distinguished by the fulfillment of dreams that it offers to the large number of hopefuls who are longing to be artists . The fame and the fortune that Hollywood brings to its people and its subjects are rather large and too much inviting for the enthusiasts of the arts . The birth of filmmaking took place in [banner_entry_middle]

the same place where the artists were also nurtured with the skills and competent skills that they now have in performing infront of their audiences and infront of cameras

However beautiful it could be seen right now , it should be remembered that before the prestigious name of Hollywood came to reality , the creators of the said have passed a number of hardships in its history dream factory . The fact that it takes a lot of effort to make a dream come true , the ones who established Hollywood as a name that echoes the picturesque of perfect artistry , did a lot of job to attain their goals in making a name for the said place . Today , it could be noticed that Hollywood becomes the center of every news report in the world that gives color to television programming . Indeed , Hollywood ‘s establishment has made t possible for people around the world to enjoy a certain entertainment that brings ease to every depressed soul in the society

This is the main reason why many people take interest n knowing how Hollywood came to be . How it all started and who were the ones who made it big in the

The Rise of the Star in the Wake of Hollywood ‘s Golden Era page 2

first years of the Entertainment industry in the United States . The Fifty Golden Years of Hollywood ‘s history has long been the favorite subject that art enthusiasts and historians enjoy to tackle . The color of life that makes up the history of the said sector of the human civilization since the 1950 ‘s has made it even more interesting even for local readers and viewers of Hollywood shows

A Background on Hollywood ‘s History as a Residential Place

Hollywood ‘s beginning has been more shifted on the agricultural nourishment that the place provides for the residents . However , when the 1880 ‘s arrived , H .H . Wilcox has planned a new community that he has foreseen to grow n Hollywood . It was more of a community that is fit for wealthy people . Later on , the famous personalities from different parts of the United States and Europe began to see the said place as a fine residential area and began to settle there for good

The Prospect Avenue has become a home for the famous ones such as Queen Anne , the Victorian residents and other more famous personalities . Since then , Hollywood has not been much the same as it… [banner_entry_footer]


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