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the right to look

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Healthy measure should be taking into accounts to make sure a healthy body . The issue of how to make assured of the healthy cows meat will be discuss . An interview made from Michael Pollan to give insights why should one has to look back connects the healthy issues as it reveals what was true in now a days about cows meat . The interview goes further on the idea why it is the right to look [banner_entry_middle]


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All question ask to Michael Pollan was fully answered according to what is expected on why should one to look back the past time considering the past to be more fitted and prevails the right one supposed to be followed in to secure healthy measures . Like what is amazing about cows is that , cows can digest grass and can turn directly grass into fuels that every human creatures needs for the body . The essence of green grass gives the idea that cows gets ever healthy if they are feed in a natural means as looking back the decade where there was abundant of grasses in the environment ‘ Cows and other ruminants can do things we just can ‘t do ( Interview Michael Pollan . HYPERLINK “http /www .pbs .org ” http /www .pbs .org . This idea compares the fact about cows and human beings as living creatures that has one to one correspondence to each other . Though man cannot eat grass like what cows did . But man needs grass not to eat directly but it was cows one to eat grass . It is basically the fact that man needs meat , for the human being needs protein as fuel in to live and survive . Cows meat is the best meat man need . So as Michael Pollan tries to emphasize the importance of grass to cows as it is man needs cow ‘s meat too

Michael Pollan is generally speaking that Cows make a difference compared to mankind . Thus it is should good that we have to see to it that people will always maintain the environment to be green by making it fully grown by grasses . Grasses is the best food among cows . Cows eat grass and also it is the best food with all the nutrients needed by cows in to live healthy . As if looking back the generation where you can find many grown grasses anywhere cows is very far from diseases or cows does not need antibiotics to prevent cow ‘s illness . It is emphasized here how important cows are and that if cows can be feed in a natural feedings there is an assurance it lives healthy . If cow is healthy so cows meat is free from diseases and also cows meat eater is also safe from diseases

Looking back the past grasses are abundant , no need for the cows to be feed an artificial cheaper means of feeding like feeding corn . Grass makes the surrounding… [banner_entry_footer]


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