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The relationship between Thai student enrollment and American universities recruitment strategies

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The Relationship Between Thai Student Enrollment And American Universities Recruitment Strategies

Nasim Chowdhury

Our present tropic is ` The Relationship Between Thai Student Enrollment And American Universities Recruitment Strategies . It is a most important issue and to enlighten such on a tropic , first we take into consideration the Mission Statement of the US Universities , their Strategic Plan , Student Recruitment Process . At the same time we will consider the Thai Foreign Policy , Diplomatic Relationship with United States , Trend of Thai Student to Study in US , Thai Economy and the Impact [banner_entry_middle]

of International Education on it ‘s Economy

Mission Statement of US Universities

The Universities of United States have evolved into a modern institution of higher education , committed to quality programs and approachable to a rapidly changing world and the aspirations of an increasingly diverse Nations . The institutions dedicate themselves to providing academic and extracurricular learning experiences that promote and value both excellence and cultural diversity and livelihood

In a society like USA with a richly diverse cultural heritage , the Universities strive to attract more students of color and members of ethnic minorities , both to their student bodies and faculties . They dedicate themselves to offering a setting in which both men women and members of racial and ethnic minorities can have a full opportunity to succeed as faculty members , staff and students . They aspire to generate increased appreciation of different cultures both in the country and around the world . Every University has it own Strategic Planning and the way of responding to needs and circumstances of diverse groups

Strategy I : Recruitment of Faculty

The increasing numbers of faculty of color are listed as priority in the Strategic Plan . The Major efforts and resources have been given to this area since it impacts the retention of students of color , the curriculum , and the general educational climate . Recruitment of faculty has been primarily in the course of two programs : an instructorship program that was developed with the intent of hiring persons of color at the instructor level prior to the completion of their terminal degrees and upon successful completion of the terminal degree could be hired in a possession track position

Retention of Faculty of Color

The Universities pay equal attention to the retention of faculty of color . Multicultural people met with each ethnic group like Blacks Hispanics , American Indians and Asians to discuss issues of concern and recommend strategies to address the concerns . In both instances , the areas of concern and recommendations are shared with the Provost and measures are taken to remedy situations . However , many concerns still remain . In to have a more formal structure , they appoint a committee of Recruitment and Retention of Faculty and Staff . The charge of the Committee is to monitor the recruitment and retention of minority faculty , stay abreast of their concerns and make recommendations

Suggestions for the Administration

The Universities lead Survey , online polling to ask public opinion Respondents in the Universities survey are also taken into account Question like “What the factor can the… [banner_entry_footer]


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