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The public health impact of war on Afghan refugee women and children

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Effects of War on Afghan Women , Children and Refugees Public Health


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Armed conflicts have been major causes of disease , suffering and death for much of human history . The fatalities , injuries and disabilities suffered on the battlefield are obviously direct effects of conflict But there are also health consequences from the breakdown of services and from population movements . The diverting of human and financial resources away from public health and other social goods contributes to [banner_entry_middle]

the spread of disease . These indirect consequences of war may remain for many years after a conflict ends . Both the experience of conflict itself and the impact of conflict on access to health care determine the physical health and the psychological well-being of women and girls in very particular ways . Women are not only victims of the general violence and lack of health care – they also face issues specific to their biology and to their social status . To add to the complexity of the picture , women also carry the burden of caring for others , including those who are sick , injured , elderly or traumatized . This in itself is stressful and often contributes to illness

Defining Terms

Gender : The term “gender ” includes both masculinity and femininity , not just one or the other . Across continents and cultures , established gender norms and values mean that women typically control less power and fewer resources than men . Not surprisingly , this often gives men an advantage – in the economic , political , and educational arenas , but also with regard to health and health care . Certainly , there are instances where gender differences hurt men ‘s health – as , for example , when greater risk-taking among young men leads to higher accident rates , or higher levels of violence between men leads to greater death and disability . But , by and large , many health professionals believe that gender inequalities have led to a systematic devaluing and neglect of women ‘s health

Children : are those who are still under the care of their parents . Who is below the legal age

After more than two decades of war , the health of Afghanistan ‘s people is ranked among the worst in the world . More than 800 children die every day , largely from preventable diseases . Nearly 1 in 4 Afghan children will not reach his or her fifth birthday , and their mothers do not fare much better . An Afghan woman is 100 times more likely to die of pregnancy-related problems than her American counterpart . These deaths are preventable

Since the fall of the Taliban , the Afghanistan Ministry of Health has been working steadily to improve access to basic health services – specifically focusing on reaching women and children

Since early 2002 , with funding support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID , Management Sciences for Health has been working with the Ministry of Health to establish a foundation upon which a national health care system can be built and health services can be delivered within Afghanistan

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