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The Problems of Philosophy

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1 . The line practical man ‘ is defined by most people as a person who chooses things that are good for him . He will not put into consideration the likes he likes . Although most often he is driven by his desire to a thing but what he chooses is the one that he need considering the availability of resources . Try to imagine how a practical shopper buys his needs . A typical shopper will buy (e .g . a pair of shoes ) the best that he wants considering the design , quality , and etc . A practical shopper [banner_entry_middle]

will not do the same thing . Although he wants the best design but he will consider the availability of his resources . He will look for another one that is less expensive or in short affordable but do not look dull . Often times the quality is sacrificed

There is one thing that Russell wants to impart thru that line or statement . He wants us to see the differences and problems with practicality . Satisfaction is as important as fulfilling the needs That ‘s the main reason why people strive hard . Why did you strive for something ? It is because your mind said so

Being a practical man is not practical at all times . It means that it is still not good for your body . Why ? Remember that where the mind goes the body will follow and it ‘s hard and unhealthy for the mind to tell his body to do things which he (mind ) does not like

2 . Its true that philosophy does not provide definite answers to its questions . In fact the answer to the question what is philosophy is still indeterminate , meaning it can not be answered with a concrete answer as to putting a period at the end of a sentence . Some professors define it thru examples . There are many courses or field of study but if you want to know how these studies relate with each other then philosophy is for you . That ‘s why it is still called philosophy because if it were given a definite answer then it is contradicting to its field of study

Philosophy is the mother of all discipline , as they say . Well , answer come out after a question . Gathering of answers and proving its reliability makes the subject a separate science . Let ‘s take mathematics as an example and let ‘s examine why we say that mathematics comes from philosophy . Let us take the integral of 1 (x 1 ) dx . To get the answer we must assume and let u be equal to x 1 and get the derivative of x 1 which is dx , substituting to the previous values we can have a new integral which is the integral of 1 /u du which is ln u and our final answer is ln x 1 . In reality , can u be equal to x 1 ? That ‘s the philosophy and we can see its traces . After the gathering of facts and evidences mathematics was born and still some additional… [banner_entry_footer]


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