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Thesis : The problem on garbage is found in human activity – such as man ‘s efforts to control nature , overconsumption of manufactured goods and growing population . In short , man has developed a lifestyle that is propped up by environmental destruction living for short-term goals at the expense of long-term sustainability

Audience : This is directed to all concerned individuals and institutions and calls for an awareness and action on this problem

Credibility : The cites facts that will convince readers that this issue needs to be addressed the soonest . In [banner_entry_middle]

considering the implications and issues inherent in the situation of pollution and garbage , one needs to understand how to properly address the problem . In most discussions and media reports , the word that usually follows environmental is problem ‘ One tends to associate the environment with bad news disasters one would rather ignore , hopeless situations that make one feel powerless . Sometimes people hope that these problems will not touch their lives . But these are not self-contained problems that can be disassociated from the larger system of interrelationships or from cause and effect


MP – Causes (1 ) Waste and affluence seem to go hand in hand . The better off we are as a nation , the more secure our natural resources , the more we waste Throw away ‘ seems to be a measure of prosperity . Residential wastes make up one-third to one-half of the produced in manufacturing and industrial processes that provide us with the goods we buy and the services we demand . If this waste is added in there will be tons and tons of garbage every year (The Greenhouse Effect (2 ) There may be several businesses around a community that indulge in products requiring packaging . For example , near a village there may be a pizza shop , a pastry nook and several other small-scale industries that utilize packaging . Packaging is a billion-a-year industry in many countries employing thousands of people . Packaging is used to keep a product fresh , pure , free from contamination and breakage (Martinson Charles . However , if packaging is a measure of a consumer society , it also characterizes the many problems that arise from our consumer habits . The more layers there are of different materials , all combined for maximum protection , the more difficult it is to recycle the package As a result , the package is disposed of in landfill or is incinerated There is also the problem of the materials themselves . Some foam contains CFC plastics that release toxic chemicals when burned and they don ‘t break down in landfill sites (Martinson , Charles (3 . On average , each Canadian produces 1 .8 to 2 kg of household garbage every day , or from two-thirds to a tonne per person per year Approximately one-third of the household garbage produced is composed of another third is organic waste (food scraps and yard refuse and the final third is glass , metal , plastic , textiles and wood . However residential waste makes up just one-third to one-half of the stream the rest is produced in manufacturing and… [banner_entry_footer]


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