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the pro of Clint

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This presents the pro of Clint , a high school teenager exhibiting signs of antisocial behavior and the succeeding analysis to the child ‘s current psychological status . In addition , this presents the chronology of historical events in Clint ‘s life and several factors that have greatly contributed to the rise of antisocial behavior exhibited by Clint . Lastly , the also explains the different method of interventions that was used in to improve the child ‘s behavior and a comparison between similar cases to Clint ‘s is also presented

The study focuses on Clint , a [banner_entry_middle]

17 year old teenager with several kinds of antisocial and delinquent behavior . Clint is currently in the tenth grade in High School . Clint comes from a wealthy and equally esteemed family of businessmen . His parents and siblings manages a large organization which keeps them , save Clint , busy and isolates Clint from the rest of his family as all are already working in the business . Prior to Clint ‘s episodes he was highly athletic . He was included in the basketball team and is noted as one of the key players of the team . He was also academically excellent , always maintaining excellent grades in school . It was highly unlikely that Clint was to exhibit such antisocial behavior from such a pedigree

But currently he is exhibiting several anti-social behaviors such as drinking alcohol on the streets , clear and conscious disregard with other people ‘s safety , including himself , damaging the environment and the surroundings such as graffiti and littering , inappropriately having verbal disputes with other people (e .g . teachers , neighbors , school mates , and having unpredictable times of extroversion and introversion (Safer Lancashire website . Clint exhibited these behaviors at the last months of his stay in tenth grade

These behaviors came out due to Social experiences and influences . At the time he became involved in unruly schoolmates during the first few months of tenth grade . Clint being a rich , athletic and academically outstanding student he was cut ‘ above the rest of the class and made him as part of the top groups in school . One of the groups he started to be affiliated with is a group of friends who exhibit varying antisocial and delinquent behaviors and those who involved themselves in fraternities and gangs . The members of these groups were in the same socio-economic class as Clint but were unlike him in terms of academics Some of the members of this group were his teammates in basketball so this contributed to the easy acceptance to the group . Another is the family factor , particularly the lack of guidance coming from parents and his siblings as they are heavily preoccupied with the business . Another factor is the pressure being put on Clint to excel . With his current track record and his family ‘s background , so much pressure is being placed on Clint to maintain the excellent track record and even push further . With these factors , Clint was easily side-tracked and pushed into being into unknown environments and thus with… [banner_entry_footer]


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