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“The positive and negative impacts of natural disasters on the tourism industry of a specific region: A case study of Thailand’s Tsunami 2004”

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Chapter 1 . Introduction

Nature of the Study

As tourism today is expanding globally and becoming more common and frequent for every household , it is essential not to underestimate the effects of natural disasters , which can occur in some tourist destinations and threaten millions of tourists . Whether it is in coastal or inland regions , natural hazards are common and consequently the tourism industry in these threatened regions is affected . As the World Tourism Organization says

We have witnessed a natural disaster producing the largest number of victims the world has seen [banner_entry_middle]

for a very long time . World tourism , too , has endured its greatest catastrophe yet from the point of view of the number of tourists that lost their lives or suffered the consequences of a tidal wave of such ferocity , not to mention the damage to tourism facilities (WTO Press and Communications , 2005 . pg .1 http /www .world-tourism .org /newsroom /Releases /2005 january /sevenreasons .htm

The following will discuss the positive and negative impacts of natural disasters on the tourism industry of a specific region and the specific case to be studied will be that of Thailand ‘s Tsunami in 2004

1 .2 . Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of this study is to determine and analyze the positive and negative impacts of natural disasters on the tourism industry of Thailand with the occurrence of the tsunami disaster in 2004 . Therefore the objectives will help the researcher to focus properly and analyze the correct literature in to complete the in a successful way and they are as follows

To review the secondary literature for natural disasters , and their positive and negative impacts on a holiday destination

To review and analyze literature on tsunamis and in particular the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and its impacts on Thailand

To determine and analyze the association between the natural disasters and a holiday destination ‘s tourist arrivals in the country

To provide recommendations to Thailand ‘s tourism industry about the positive and negative impacts of natural disasters and to academia by comparing Thailand with another country (but due to the time limitation someone else should continue this research

1 . 3 . Structure of the study

This section of the first chapter briefly describes what each chapter will discuss in to keep the organized Chapter 2 . Literature Review


With tourism now an important global phenomenon involving the movement of millions of individuals to virtually all countries on the surface of the globe , this worldwide industry is by no means immune to natural disasters (WTO , 2000 .

. iii

The above view highlights the importance of tourism to many natural economies . As a consequence , natural disasters affecting these countries have a major impact on their economies . This looks at the correlation between natural disasters and their impacts on the tourism of a region

In this chapter the researcher will define and discuss the secondary literature used , in to understand and identify the impacts that natural disasters have on tourist destinations . Section 2… [banner_entry_footer]


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