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the origin of species by darwin

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A Report and Critique of “The Origin of Species

by Charles Darwin

A Report of “The Origin of Species ” by Charles Darwin

Book Summary

In 1859 , a book by Charles Darwin was published that caused a great deal of debate , controversy and in some cases outrage so eloquently and passionately written was this book that it remains a of discussion even today . This book , originally given a much longer title , is what we know today as The Origin of Species . Over the years , this book has been misunderstood , but this will [banner_entry_middle]

attempt to accurately explain the key elements of Darwin ‘s work , correct some of the myths about the book , and conclude with opinions on the good and bad of the book

The Origin of Species ‘ simply deals with natural selection what Darwin meant by this is that there is the distinct possibility that all living things on the planet came to be as the result of events in nature (Darwin , ed . 1996 . Once life forms are created by nature , each species of living thing , be it plant , animal , or human , are perfected through the trials of nature , whereby those who are the weakest will in time die off , leaving only the best of the species behind to reproduce offspring that inherit those best traits ‘ from the previous generation . Darwin shows in his book that this is the most desirable state for nature to function in , evidenced by those who combine the best samples of plants to create superior strains of plants , animals which represent the best of their kind being bred to generate top quality offspring , and even the cases when people of the best upbringing intelligence , and good looks are encouraged to produce children

When taking a close look at this book , Darwin seems to present his ideas in three main sections , although the book is not organized in three main sections , but in many individual chapters . At any rate , to best summarize the book , it is easiest to understand it within these major areas

HOW LIFE COMES ABOUT- Like the title of the book implies , a great deal of the book is devoted to explaining how life itself comes about on this planet . At this point , it is important for the reader of the book to realize that the book is not about life just being there , without some sort of force making it possible . Although the average person would tell you if you were to ask that Darwin , in The Origin of Species , claims that God doesn ‘t exist and that everything that is living is just here ‘ by accident that is false . What is true , after reading and understanding the book , is that Darwin gives God credit for putting life on this planet , but that God does not take care of every detail of a life form as it grows and changes . In short , it can be said that Darwin says that life comes about because of God , but that is the extent… [banner_entry_footer]


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