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The North Korean missile defense

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p The North Korean missile defense testing in the Pacific is a current event that can be considered to have a great impact in the world today North Korea ‘s neighbors and the United States are particularly concerned because it just raised the accusations that the North is keeping weapons of mass destruction , which could be more dangerous than those threats posed in Iraq . As Marianne Bray claims , the nuclear class has become a high-stakes no bluff game , where the threats are potentially greater than those posed in Iraq (Bray , 2003 . According to [banner_entry_middle]

her , North Korea might be using its nuclear program as a bargaining tool to get attention , money , food and fuel from the outside

The article by Marianne Bray even if it is true supports the idea that media can make or break a company ‘s or country ‘s image . While it is true that North Korea has strong and big armed forces , ranging in about one-million men and several missiles , Bray may have unintentionally led her readers to believe the far-reaching damage that North Korea can give to the world . This may be seen as an exaggeration of the consequences of North Korea ‘s power . Since North Korea claimed to have launched a nuclear underground test a few weeks ago , there have been doubts if indeed North Korea launched the said test as the explosion was only a small one and it still has to be confirmed if it was from a nuclear weapon

Clearly then , the article by Bray has widened North Korea ‘s image as a dictator and oppressive regime which can be a great danger to the world However , she only gave a little importance on North Korea ‘s economic capability to endure boycotts from other countries and sanctions which will be given by the United Nations . All in all , this article has been negligent because it has been impartial and reported more on the options that might be taken against North Korea by its neighbors and the United States


Marianne Bray (2003 ) December 10 . North Korea : What are the Options ‘ CNN (online ) HYPERLINK “http /edition .cnn .com /2003 /WORLD /asiapcf /east /08 /28 /nkorea .options /ind ex .html accessed October 14 http /edition .cnn .com /2003 /WORLD /asiapcf /east /08 /28 /nkorea .options /inde x .html accessed October 14 , 2006


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