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The Missouri Compromise

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url /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Missouri_Compromise The 1820 Missouri Compromise was an important agreement passed in an attempt to decrease the friction between the proslavery and anti slavery factions of that time . Slavery was a very controversial issue in the years and decades leading up to The Civil War . Many people thought that a civil was was inevitable but others tried hard to either postpone or even to eradicate the entire possibility of a civil war . The 1820 Missouri Compromise was one such attempt

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the spread of slavery past the 36 30 ‘ parallel except within the proposed state of Missouri . Also as a result , Maine was allowed into the Union as a free state . The balance of power between slave and free states was a very important issue as each side was well aware of the possibility of the delicate balance of power tipping in the favor of their opponent and would try every desperate measure to avoid that from happening

On the constitutional side , the Compromise of 1820 was important as the first precedent for the congressional exclusion of slavery from public territory acquired since the adoption of the Constitution , and also as a clear recognition that Congress has no right to impose upon a state ‘ The issue of the legality of the Compromise was an important question that needed to be answered and finally was answered in the 1857 Supreme Court Decision , Dred Scott v . Sanford in which it was ruled that persons of African descent could not be U .S . and therefore , had no rights under the Constitution

The War of 1812

url : www .gatewayno .com /history /War1812 .html The War of 1812 was fought between American and British troops from 1812-1814 . This second war with Great Britain was bought on by America ‘s annoyance that from the end of the Revolutionary War in 1783 , Britain had failed to withdraw from American territory along the Great Lakes Britain ‘s backing of the Indians on American frontiers and their unwillingness to stop the seizure of American ships during times of peace

President Jefferson , in response , urged Congress to pass the Embargo Act of 1807 . But since Jefferson himself had done much in his previous six years as President to decrease the size of America ‘s navy , America was helpless in their attempt to enforce the Embargo against Britain . These troubles continued between American and Britain until , after the Madison Administration received pressure from Congress , most notably , John Calhoun and Henry Clay , a Declaration of War was signed in 1812

The first phase of the war did not go well for America . The above mentioned members of Congress pressed for an invasion of Canada but when this finally came to fruition , it did not go well and the desired results were not achieved . British troops marched into Washington D .C and burned the White House which was then referred to as the Executive Mansion and major repairs were needed

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