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The Meaning of Time and Dis Chronology in Catch 22

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The Meaning of Time and Dis Chronology in Catch 22

Catch 22 is a social satire . Joseph Heller uses wit , humor and irony in to depict social vices . The author targets Air Forces for their bureaucracy and lack of humanity . The novel contains a lot of autobiographic moments . Heller took part in the Second World War as a pilot . He knows the system from inside and uses all his literary skills in to attract readers ‘ attention to counterparts of the military system . Most of the novels and short stories follow a straight-line [banner_entry_middle]

narration . Heller has chosen another method for his narration . The plot structure is rather spiral than straight . It is a psychological spiral which underlines the cyclic nature of events , which occur to the characters of the novel . The readers can not define between present past and future inside the novel . Multiple flashbacks give better understanding of events and help to add necessary details to the narration . The readers get pieces of mosaics , which make the whole picture only by the end of narration . Despite there is not linear chronological in the narration , there is another , which unites the chapters of the novel . There is a psychological dependence between the chapters . Wit and humorous in the beginning , it transforms to grim and depressed one in the end . The narration has a kind of psychological progression , which shows the changes in the moods and attitudes to life of the members of the squadron . In the beginning we get only hints about Snowden ‘s death . Yossarian uses the play of words to talk about this accident . Only by the end of narration , after reading for several times about this event , we get full understanding of this death and great influence it had on the life of the protagonist and other characters of the novel . Only after several s of Snowden ‘s death we can get an idea about an impact , it had on Yoassarian . His reflections about this death become that trigger , which changes all his outlook and way of thinking . As he states , Man was matter , that was Snowden ‘s secret . Drop him out a window and he ‘ll fall Set fire to him and he ‘ll burn . Bury him and he ‘ll rot , like other kinds of garbage . The spirit gone , man is garbage (Heller ,

. 167 ) This time spiral of narration is used to describe all significant events of the novel . What is notable , in each spiral of events we can find progress from humorous depiction of events to tragic one . We can read and even feel the way enthusiasm and patriotism of young people , who get in the middle of the battle , disappear replaced by fear , depression and despair . Same spiral situation repeats with Yossarain ‘s hospitalization and many other events of the novel . His attempts to leave the battle field calling himself insane fail , because commanders are sure that a concern for one ‘s own safety in the face of dangers… [banner_entry_footer]


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