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`The Matrix` Film

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The Matrix ‘ as an Embodiment of our Fears

The movie The Matrix ‘ represented many individuals ‘ worst fear that our desire for technology that will make our lives easier will eventually take over – literally and figuratively – leaving us as slaves to a society with whom we cannot communicate . The Matrix ‘ was a landmark event in both filmmaking and script writing . It not only presented the viewer with an original idea , but forced people to think of the world in an entirely different way . The film was a success because it played on social [banner_entry_middle]

and political issues that are prevalent in almost every society . The first is that Big Brother ‘ is always watching and that especially in the age of technology , individuals only have the illusion of privacy . The next is a fear of technology . Some fear it because it means that those who can ‘t keep up with technology miss out on opportunities . Many realistically fear that machines will eventually take over roles meant for humans , and technology is often linked to weapons of mass destruction . Finally , The Matrix ‘ brought up the idea that people are meant to do one thing , they have a destiny and their lives are not up to them to control . The Matrix ‘ was an embodiment of the fears that many people have about modern life

Big Brother truly was watching in The Matrix . The world was revealed to be a computer program designed to keep humans mentally occupied while they provided energy to the machines controlling their lives . The program sent agents to deal with people like Thomas Anderson (whose online name was Neo ) who were straying from the prescribed agenda This represents a fear many individuals have – that their government is plotting to watch their every move through the use of modern technology and often in violation of current laws . They aren ‘t entirely wrong for example , the USA Patriot Act gives the U .S . government a great deal of leniency in investigating potential criminals . This act gives the government the following rights

Authority to intercept wire , oral , and electronic communications relating to terrorism

Authority to intercept wire , oral , and electronic communications relating to computer fraud and abuse offenses

Roving surveillance authority

While many individuals do not have to worry about the Patriot Act (as they are not engaged in behavior that would come under scrutiny some might be concerned that it would be used improperly , or that many suspected terrorists would not turn out to be terrorists at all . Imagine planning a trip to America , only to be investigated and imprisoned indefinitely and falsely as a terrorist . This most important concern is that it violates the Constitution and an individual ‘s right to due process

On the same note , individuals ‘ movements and activities can now be tracked in a variety of ways . One is the use of cell phones , which now are required to contain GPS tracking devices . Often , such technology can be used in positive ways – to locate an individual who is lost… [banner_entry_footer]


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