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the major features of the Polish Criminal Justice System and how they differ from that of the United States CJS

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State , espionage , terrorist attempts , sabotage , armed robbery failure of a soldier to obey an during combat , and three other offenses cited in supplementary laws on the crime of genocide and two offenses that concern Polish citizens accepting service in a foreign army or foreign military organization

The Prison

The Penal institutions in Poland is divided into seven categories ordinary , transitory , labor center , institutions for adolescents institutions for recidivists , institutions for convicts in need of special medical and educational measures , and institutions for persons serving a penalty following a military arrest [banner_entry_middle]

p The responsibility for prison administration lies primarily with the Ministry of Justice and the Central Administration of Prison Establishments (CZZK

Humanizing the Correctional Institution : Reforming the Prison in Poland

The major concern that continues to challenge the prison in Poland is the issue of prison overcrowding . The Polish prison population rate is one of the highest in all of Europe . According to the Poland Central Board of Prisons , for every 100 ,000 inhabitants , 210 are currently incarcerated . In fact Shelley (1981 ) found that the Polish police to ignore certain crimes than to the success of the state in controlling the problems of criminality

As A result , the prisons are plagued with corruption and brutality horrendous living conditions , brutality , arbitrary punishment and lack of rehabilitation options , overcrowding , lack of appropriate medical facilities for each prison and lack of job opportunities for inmates (Klenowski , 2004

However , the wind of change started to blow when Polish government began the reformation in the system . The answer lies in the idea of `power by the people ‘ to reshape the many institutions of their criminal justice system (Klenowski , 2004 . The first step was to improve the quality of its prison staff by making use of fresh crop of young leaders and officers

This effort is effective… [banner_entry_footer]


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