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the living is easy by dorothy west

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Living is Easy by West : Analysis of Characters (Chapter 31

It is known that the Living is Easy ‘ takes place just before the First World War . The chapter concentrates on the role of growing middle class of African Americans , because this theme is fascinating and reflects demographic phenomenon . Furthermore , the author focuses on individual lives of main heroes – Cleo Judson and Simeon Binney . Cleo seems from the very beginning to be at the top of realizing her dreams

Cleo strives to recapture her free spirit , because it has shaped her character in [banner_entry_middle]

the childhood . Furthermore , she wants to re-establish spiritual connections with her dead mother and the only way is to bring her sister with their children to America , Boston as it is the chance to enjoy middle class life there . Cleo is skillfully portrayed , though it is difficult to either feel sympathy for her or to disguise her strivings . Nevertheless , her behavior in many aspects is considered wrong . For example , she played a selfish trickery with the purpose to wrest her three sisters

Cleo seems to be a person who always burns her bridges . Cleo is always haunted by social climbing and wants to climb many ladders at the same time : financial , racial , behavioral and cultural . It is apparent that she puts too many tasks before herself , though she doesn ‘t ‘ manage them Negative features of character are seen throughout the whole chapter ruthlessness and egotism . Therefore she has to make the choice either lose the best part of herself or to change her social values

The theme of racial discrimination is presented in the chapter in the image of Simeon Binney being the opposite of Cleo . It is known that Binney is a son of black doctor having moved to another city to escape from rapid encroachment of Negroes . Binney is presented in the chapter as subtle and ambiguous person functioning successful as harbinger of the racial conflict . Furthermore , Binney is shown as a naivety who is blind to social forces behind Cleo


West , Dorothy (1982 . Living is Easy . Bantam : Doubleday


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