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The lion, the witch, and wardrobe

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The lion , the witch , and wardrobe



A glimpse is not a vision . But to a man on a mountain road by night , a glimpse of the next three feet of road may matter more than a vision of the horizon (C .S . Lewis 1949

C .S . Lewis was a man who believed in telling what needed to be told and not indulging in fantasies and fictional worlds , but perhaps the most fascinating aspect of Mr . Lewis ‘s writing [banner_entry_middle]

is that he chooses to write about reality by creating a fictional world . A fictional world he claimed could narrate reality better then true stories . Mr . Lewis wrote his series of seven books The Chronicles of Narnia ‘ when he was fifty years old and yet his books are categorized as children ‘s books . Mr Lewis thought that children more than adults need to be made aware of the reality of this world , he believed that children should not be shielded from the evil or ugliness present in this world instead they should be taught that along with the evils in this world there also exists good . Lewis ‘s work The Lion , The Witch And The Wardrobe is thought to be a mostly allegorical work which contains Biblical allusions , although Lewis himself said that any Biblical allusions in his work were not intentional Critics and most Christians view his book to be an allegory of the Biblical events , according to Lewis he merely wanted to write a story for children which would inspire them to explore this wondrous world in this book The Lion The witch And The cupboard in the dedication to Lucy Barfield , Someday You ‘ll be old enough to start reading fairytales again ‘ writes Lewis (Shanna Caughey Revisiting Narnia . In the first book of the series The lion the Witch and the Cupboard are thought to be a symbol or a representation of reality all the heroes in this book are the children while adults are portrayed as dull and unexciting characters

Aslan the golden lion and King of Narnia represents Christ Aslan ‘s sacrifices his own life to save Edmund who represents humanity and later Aslan is resurrected these events alone are a clear indication of Aslan symbolizing Christ . Lewis ‘s genius is obvious from his choice of a lion to represent Christ , though the characteristics represented in his book are a bit different from the biblical account he manages to make the Christ figure somehow more understandable and acceptable for children In the church children are taught that Christ is an embodiment of compassion but at the same is also revered figure which can be a bit confusing for young children but as a lion the reputation of an all ruling authority is already established and as the story proceeds one comes to fall in love with the character as Aslan in portrayed in all merriment and plays with the children . Christ sacrificed his life so that… [banner_entry_footer]


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