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The Last Emperor

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They took the offer of the Japanese consulate

Influenced greatly by his English tutor , Puyi reached out to the western world as in its own way so did China . Many ancient traditions were tossed aside by the politicians themselves as they strove towards a more modern China . Feeling safe to seek sanctuary with another Emperor Puyi attempts to revive himself as Emperor of Manchuria . Plagued by accusations that Manchurians were not Chinese , the man is simply caught in the middle of political strife of world proportions . As the advent of WWII [banner_entry_middle]

approaches , Puyi finds himself to be no more than the political puppet or pawn of the Japanese government . He was condemned to fail from the beginning and though he seems to be a compassionate and intelligent man , he is still accustomed to his raised status as a monarch . He ignores the evident circumstances around him as he feels himself safe ‘ under Japanese protection . He becomes increasingly aware of his false status as his household is stripped of more and more privileges and weapons of protection

By the end of the war and as Manchuria is being overrun by the Russian invasion , Puyi becomes a war criminal ‘ as is placed in a prison in 1950 . In Puyi ‘s eyes , the governor of the prison becomes his teacher as Puyi is undulated with his flaws and mistakes and his denial of any action against China in his behavior . He is finally released in 1959 as a far more humble man and lives out his remaining days as a quiet gardener until his death in 1967

From 1912 until 1967 , China has evolved and re-evolved . The PRC fell apart and all western influence was shunned but during that time most of its histories had been written Chinese born Westerner descendants . In a… [banner_entry_footer]


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