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The International Expansion of Design Practices

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The International Expansion of Design Practices

Designing world-class structures is now made easier with software that any architect in the globe may use in the privacy of his home . 3D modeling , rendering and animation software is but an example of such specialized software , making it easier for architects around the world to compete in designing architectural marvels (Advanced Micro Systems Inc . As a matter of fact , architects are already competing to create the world ‘s best designs . By their interaction alone , the world of design must be raising its levels of competence [banner_entry_middle]

to build finer , safer and more beautiful buildings (Coduto

The Kalo Opera Festiva and Danske Arkitekters Landsforbund (the federation of Danish Architects , together with investors were expected to initiate an international architectural competition around the end of the year 2003 ( International Architectural Competition . In the year 2004 , the Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights Inc announced that there were three architectural firms selected by the Architectural Review Committee in one of the stages of the International Architectural Design Competition (ArcSpace .com . Then there are international competitions that encompass only a specified region . In Asia , ten architectural companies from Thailand were chosen for an international reward in the year 2005 (Asia Africa Intelligence Wire

Unsurprisingly , such international competitions urge today ‘s architect to not only improve his designs by learning from global talents that he competes with , but also to work on becoming the very best in the global field of design practices . Twenty four design firms from all over the globe submitted proposals to compete for the position of Master Designer of the Orange County Great Park (PR Newswire Undoubtedly , all of the proposals submitted were excellent , and world-class ! However , only one architect was to become a true model for the rest of the architectural community to follow


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As mentioned before , architects are getting together at the regional level as well . This practice is also very healthy for their profession . The city of the angels regularly lists its top architectural firms , each inspiring the others (Kissock . The American Institute of Architects claims that good design makes a difference This association of architects describes itself thus : For almost 150 years , members of The American Institute of Architects have worked with each other and their communities to create more valuable , healthy secure , and sustainable buildings and cityscapes

The architectural community in Australia is said to have received many international awards for its designs (Johnston . What is more , the entire international community of architects has its own list of top international design firms (KEO International Consultants ! The competition is stiff , and absolutely healthy . Under the watchful guiding eye of the top-notch international community of architects , it is difficult for an architectural firm to make an inferior design and thereby endanger the safety of the people who would be occupying the building thus designed . The world of architectural design is expecting improved output at all levels and at all times . This international… [banner_entry_footer]


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