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The current basic obstetric nurse education is not broad-based enough to prepare practitioners for the expanding roles and responsibilities required in the care for mothers , children , families , and communities The obstetric nurse will have to be educated with the appropriate skills , knowledge , and attitudes to enable them to function as confident , autonomous practitioners according to the needs of their communities , and to make full use of the available resources (which should be evenly distributed . Pregnancy and childbirth need to be seen as normal physiological processes , rather than as conditions of pathological [banner_entry_middle]

origin but at the same time the obstetric nurse need anatomy skills that will enable them to function effectively when problems arise , especially in areas where medical aid is not readily available . The obstetric nurse will have to strive continually for improved client care , to eliminate harmful practices , to protect against unnecessary interventions , and to ensure that technology and science are not misused . They may have to act as facilitators to families and communities , and also as co-ordinators for area-based community maternal and child health programs . There is no doubt that a good quality of anatomy education better prepares the obstetric nurse for her multipurpose roles and responsibilities

The education must stimulate the obstetric nurse to acquire the anatomy knowledge and skills that will make her competent in performing her multipurpose responsibilities in caring for mothers , babies , and families . These should specifically include the life-saving skills that will enable her to carry out certain essential obstetric functions in rural settings . The obstetric nurse need to grow professionally contribute to midwifery education at all levels , share her experience through publications , newsletters , or magazines , and to conduct research into obstetric nurse practice and the needs of the profession Well-educated obstetric nurses who can manage resources , negotiate lobby , use modern management techniques… [banner_entry_footer]


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