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the importance of being on time

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The Importance of Being On-Time

The dictionary tells us that Time is an allotted or fixed period . It is an unseen force that runs our lives . We cannot question time . Time is what moves the world forward whether we like it or not . It is an enigma whose existence has baffled scientists since time immemorial . How did it start ? Is man capable of controlling time ? Why is Time so important to our daily lives ? Why is it so important that we are always on time ? So many questions , so little answers . This is [banner_entry_middle]

my feeble attempt at explaining my view of the questions posed above

Man cannot really explain how time started . Even though Stephen Hawking has an accepted explanation about the beginning of time , it seems to have left us with more questions than answers . The biggest question of all is the one man asks on a daily basis . Where did time go ? How fast does time fly ? Time is all around us . Yet we cannot feel nor see it . It is an object that is best left to our imagination . Yet we respond to the “essence ” of time with such Man has tried to control time by dividing the day into hours . We are given 24 hours in a day to complete our daily tasks and anything we need to do in between . Watches were designed to help us further control the time allotment . Yet time seems to always get the best of us . It is simply uncontrollable and will always get away from us . Time cannot be repeated . Once a second has passed , it will never come back . Just like opportunity , time comes by only once in a lifetime . If you don ‘t take advantage of the time offered to you , don ‘t expect to have it ever again

This is why we should never take time for granted . A person should always be on time because lateness can cause a person to miss an opportunity that he long has been waiting for . Yes . Time and opportunity go hand in hand . Opportunity is the main reason why a person must always be on time

If this is the case , then why does it seem like Man is never on time Man does not seem to understand that time will not bend to his will Instead , we are slaves to time . Time will either go by so fast , as in the case of examinations , or it can go by so slow , such as when we make a person wait for us during an appointment . Either way , time can play with us and the only way to beat Father Time , as he is often called , is by playing his own game and always be on time

Time cannot be taken for granted because we never know what will happen the next minute . These are two very good reasons to always be on time That one time that you are late for your appointment may the biggest regret of… [banner_entry_footer]


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