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The Hubble Space Telescope

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High Speed Photometer were replaced by COSTAR

Corrective Optics Space Telescope Axial (COSTAR

Costar was a system designed to correct the spherical aberration for light focused at the FOC , FOC and GHRS . The system consisted of two mirrors in the light path , one of which would be figured o correct the aberration

Fine Guidance Sensors (FGS

The FGS are additional scientific instruments laid within the Hubble Space telescope . Their function is to maintain accuracy during an observation . However , they can also be used for an extremely accurate astrometry with measurements [banner_entry_middle]

accurate to within 10 .0003 arcsecond (Burrows , 1991

Previous and Future Service Missions of the Telescope

According to the designers of the telescope , the device has always been designed so that it can be regularly serviced . However , the problem with flawed mirror brought a much greater importance to the first servicing mission . In addition of the scheduled servicing activities , the astronauts would have to carry out extensive work n the telescope to install corrective optics . The 10 day-work also included installation of several instruments and other equipment . The first mission was coded STS 61 Endeavor . The mission was considered the most complicated range of task since the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope . It consists of

Replacing the High Speed Photometer with the COSTAR corrective optics package and to

Replacing the WFPC with WFPC2 with internal optical correction system

Replacing the solar arrays and their drive electronics

Replacing four of the gyroscopes used in telescope pointing system , two electrical control units , two magnetometers and other electrical components

Upgrading the onboard computers and boosted telescope ‘s orbit (this is necessary due to the orbital decaying phenomena (Brandt , 1994

After the first servicing mission was accomplished researchers witnessed a great enhancement in the Telescopes capability of capturing spatial images . Subsequent servicing missions… [banner_entry_footer]


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